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Adverse effects of vaccines

A report has been published in August, 2011 by the Institute of Medicine’s Panel on Adverse Effects of Vaccines stating the causality and evidence of harm done by vaccines. The report points to the need for more development in the medical field to deal with the adverse effects of vaccines. The report studied 158 probable adverse effects from various vaccine… Read more »

Your gut feelings

It has often been said that the gut has a brain of its own. The gut has a connection to the enteric nervous system which has the same fetal tissues as that of the brain. Various studies have been conducted to understand the connection between the gut and the brain. It has been found out that an important role is… Read more »

Green tea and cancer prevention

Studies have revealed that polyphenols in green tea prevent the formation and also the development of tumors anywhere in the body of animals. Tests have been conducted on animal organs to check the beneficial effect of green tea on lung, skin, esophagus, oral cavity, intestine, stomach, liver, colon, mammary gland, bladder, prostrate and pancreatic cancer and tumors. Green Tea helps… Read more »

Fatigue Syndrome

This is how it starts. You just had your morning coffee and nevertheless feel like going straight back to bed. You don’t find the car keys, arrive late at work, need a lunch break lasting for hours, mess up your desk and finally back home fall asleep after ten minutes in front of the TV. And not just for one… Read more »

Choosing the most effective alternative cancer treatment

Breakthroughs in standard treatment. Yearly people are detected with different forms of this usually fatal illness, and also yearly patients seek new as well as better ways to fight their cancer. Several cancer cells clients are progressively searching for less invasive forms of treatment, checking out natural-based all natural treatments that will certainly assist to fight the cancer cells at… Read more »