Adverse effects of vaccines

A report has been published in August, 2011 by the Institute of Medicine’s Panel on Adverse Effects of Vaccines stating the causality and evidence of harm done by vaccines. The report points to the need for more development in the medical field to deal with the adverse effects of vaccines.

The report studied 158 probable adverse effects from various vaccine ingredients such as aluminum and mercury. Research was found to be inadequate to relate causal association to 135 of these effects. Out of 23 outcomes wherein research was found adequate; 18 of them were found to lead to harm. Thereby vaccines were found to provide relief for only five of the investigated outcomes.

It was found by the report that there was a possible chance of suffering from seizures, encephalopathy and immune dysfunction by using some vaccines. These conditions are often seen in people with autism. Thus, research is being done to understand if adverse effects of some vaccine ingredients lead to the development of autism in some children.

This study is done basically to understand the effects of two vaccines which may lead to disorders in development such as autism. Therefore, only four studies dealing with infectious diseases or epidemics were considered sufficient to evaluate the relation between MMR vaccine and autism. MMR vaccines are used to immunize people against mumps and measles. No research or study was considered fit for the use of DtaP vaccine and analysis of autism. No evaluation was even done regarding six other vaccinations with respect to autism causation. No attempt has even been made to study the safety and effects of various vaccine ingredients such as mercury with relation to exposure to chemicals such as air pollution and various other consumer products. Also there is no mention of the effects of using thimerosal. Thimerosal is an organomercury compound which is extensively used as an antifungal and antiseptic solution.

The need of the hour is to fund a research in which relation and adverse effects of various vaccine ingredients such as aluminium and mercury, MMR vaccines and thimerosal are studied thoroughly with respect to disorders such as autism. After we get to know the effects, a means should be devised so as to undo the harmful effect of vaccines by using compounds and those vaccine ingredients which are good for our health.