What is wrong with your low back



PERSPECTIVE: Low back pain, and its related disorders, is one of the most common pain afflictions of human especially in the industrialized societies in countries in America, Europe and Asia. It is estimated that 80 – 95% of people will be afflicted with low back pain in their lifetime.

Low back pain is the most common cause of disability in this country for person less than fifty years old. Most physicians are not trained to deal with the complexity of low back pain. As a result, lack of proper diagnosis, delayed treatment, lack of effective treatments and improper treatments cause pain, suffering and increased morbidity and mortality in millions of people.

In America, billions of dollars were spent by patients, employers, third- party payers on caring, treating, and curing LBP. Absenteeism, loss wages and productivity caused by low back pain and the solution to this catastrophic problem is no where in sight.

  • Describe and define your low back pain and related disorders (LBP)
  • Show and tell your LBP to your and our physicians
  • Determine the probable causes of your LBP
  • Provide the probable diagnoses of your LBP to you and your physicians
  • Thus, your physicians may appropriately take an effective course for treating your low back pain.

COST: $150 payable by Visa, Mastercard, Diners, JCB allows you to:

  • Use of this form and patented HUeMAN
  • Obtain probable diagnoses of your LBP by our physician(s)


It entitles you to use the form and patented HUeMAN and the following:

  • Obtain probable diagnoses of your LBP by our physician(s)
  • Medical history of your LBP which you can save to your computer and send to:
  • Our physician(s) to yield the probable diagnoses
  • Your physicians.
  • Anyone who you want to receive your medical history of your LBP


  • You must have consulted and seen your physicians including emergency room physicians for your LBP before using this form and HUeMAN
    • LBP is extremely complex, insidious and can be serious as you can see below.
    • Delayed seeing, diagnosis and treatment by competent physicians pose an increase risk, incidence and complication of an illness which can become a life-or-death matter.
    • For example, cancers and blood vessel diseases can cause LBP
    • Therefore, it is very important that you consult your physicians about your illness. Furthermore, this form and HUeMAN only serve to inform and nothing more.
    • We only provided brief explanation and summary of a broad and probable cause(s) of your LBP to you so that you will communicate said information to your physicians.
    • We cannot provide recommendation, course of action or treatment.