Knee pain relief: basic information

Knee pain relief is a common concern when people injure their knee. The knee is a very complex and a necessary part of the body, if you accidentally injure your knee or have a repetitive knee injury it is extremely important to know knee pain relief techniques.

If you have recently injured your knee there are a few techniques that can help knee pain relief. One knee pain relief technique is to attend to a knee injury once it immediately happens. This knee pain relief technique is call the RICE technique. R.I.C.E. stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

When you injure your knee it is important to get off your knee and rest it. Don’t take a chance by being active with your knee. Lie down and put ice on your knee. Ice will cool down the knee and slow the blood flow. By slowing the blood flow, you can reduce swelling in the knee.

Compression means to keep a bandage on the pain for a while. Make sure that the bandage is not overly tight. It is also important to make sure that your leg is elevated to help the healing process and to quickly give the sufferer knee pain relief.

Knee pain relief can also be in order if you have a repetitive injury or if your knees hurt on a continual basis. There are plenty of over the counter treatments available, such as bandages that will help stabilize the knee, ointment that will keep the area of the knee hot and promote healing and pain relievers that can help you control moderate discomfort and give you long lasting knee pain relief.

So if you have experienced a knee injury consult your pharmacist or orthopedic physician on the best ways to accomplish knee pain relief.