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Bicep Workout Routines

Bicep workout routines will discuss some possible exercises that you can do to increase the muscular strength and endurance of your biceps. The biceps are muscles that you use every single day for various things, like carrying objects to pulling and pushing. Therefore, it is pretty important to learn how to train this muscle group well, so that you won’t… Read more »

The 20 Minute Workout – Short, Perfect Workouts For You

Have 20 minutes to spare? Great! The 20 minute workout plan that I have lined up for you is more than enough for you to maintain a decent level of physical fitness. Now, be warned. If you are seeking another goal like shedding a few pounds, check out my fat burning workout plan, as the plan is tailored for weight loss. The… Read more »

Workout Journal

You might be puzzled – how can a workout journal help you succeed in achieving your fitness goals? I’m here to show you how important a workout journal is. After reading this, I hope you will invest in a little book that is bound to help you improve your fitness and keep you motivated towards exercise. How Do You Use A… Read more »

The BMI and what it means

BMI, or the body mass index, is a numerical measure of body fat in humans. It is calculated taking into account a person’s weight and height. Originally known as the Quetelet index, BMI does not measure the percentage of fat in the human body. The body mass index was derived in the nineteenth century by Belgian polymath Adolphe Quetelet. It… Read more »

Is my choice of exercise helpful to shed excess fat?

Question: I have a problem with weight issues. I have fat legs and arm and belly fat too. I really want to work on removing this because I believe that it can be a boost to my self-confidence. However, despite exercising and dieting, it doesn’t seem to be making much improvement. However, I understand that this could be due to… Read more »

Exercise Lowers High Blood Pressure!

You have high blood pressure, or hypertension. If you have this condition for a prolonged period, you may be more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. That’s why treating hypertension is so important. And part of your pressure-lowering treatment plan may involve exercise. Recent studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise (like brisk walking for at least 30… Read more »

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise – Is It Really All That Great?

What are the benefits of aerobic exercise? Is it so good that everyone needs to talk about it all the time? How great can walking, running and swimming really be? These are some of the questions that I have heard very often, be it on blogs, forums, questions in fitness magazines and the list goes on. I think the problem… Read more »