Workout Routines For Women – Cause You’re Different

Workout routines for women?! You mean I cannot do the ones that are on other pages of the website?

Relax. All the different exercise routines that I talk about can be performed by both ladies and gentlemen. But I thought that I would like to do a separate section to talk about general fitness trends experienced by both women and how it would influence your routines.

Tip: I also talk about some great workouts for muscle building too!

The tips and pointers here would definitely help you in the long-term to understand your body and why some things you have done in the past did not give you as much results. I also believe that it can keep you motivated towards keeping fit and healthy.

A Lot Of Cardio Will Do You Good

It is essential for you to understand the importance of cardio activities in workout routines for women.

The female reproductive system produces this hormone called estrogen. Believe it or not, estrogen is a hormone responsible for the buildup and storage of fat in the body.

Before you gasp and scream “unfair!”, please understand that there is nothing you can do about it. We cannot change what we are, but we can take charge of this newfound understanding and prepare ourselves for it.

Therefore, engaging yourself in a lot of aerobics and cardio would be beneficial for you. Aerobics raises your heart rate and metabolism, enabling you to burn more fat throughout the day.

I hope that after learning about one particular property of estrogen, you would not go berserk and start running and going for tennis sessions. It is important to do cardio yes, because you tend to gain fat much easily, but it does not mean neglecting other aspects of fitness.

What other aspects? Your eating habit is one, and muscle building exercises is the other.

Eating Well Is Critical

There are no magical workout routines for women, just hard work and dedication. Women and men alike need to take care of what they eat. Do take a look at healthy eating guidelines to understand the importance of the various nutrients.

Women are at more risk of gaining additional pounds. If men can gain unwanted weight from not watching their diet, imagine the ease of weight gain for women. This is made worse because of the presence of estrogen in your body.

Therefore, you need to be mindful of what you eat every day. Be sure to minimize and cut down on sugary drinks, red meat, fatty food and so on. I understand the need to have a sin every now and then.

If you yearn for ice cream, be sure to go for a jog or walk around your neighbourhood to burn it off. A sensible diet, being active and exercising regularly go together hand in hand.

Late night snacks is major no-no for women. If you did have something, do not go to sleep until an hour to two after that. The best would be two hours. However, if you have to work the next day, you have to be pretty active as calories absorbed at night when the body is resting is INCREDIBLE!

Muscle Building Exercises

As I have mentioned in other sections of this site, some women are against the concept of muscle building exercise because they feel that they might appear looking like Schwarzenegger in a month or two.

You cannot bulk up on muscle that easily, darlings. This is because testosterone in males is responsible for that. Estrogen does not help in muscle building. Hence, rest assured that you won’t look like a bodybuilder on steroids just because you attempted some dips!

Therefore, take some time to do various muscle strengthening exercises. Workout routines for women aren’t complete without something that targets your biceps, triceps, abdominals, legs and back.

Furthermore, good, lean and supple muscles burn some fat too. This means that if you work hard, your body becomes an efficient fat busting machine on autopilot! Don’t you love the sound of that?

I’m assuming that you will take charge of your diet and don’t do silly things like gorge on candy bars! None of the workout routines for women will save you from nasty calories!

  • Workout without weights

You might think that the best exercises are done with weights. Unfortunately, that’s a big misconception that is circling about. You achieve just as much or even more without using weights.

Final Words

I hope some tips listed here helps you to better understand your body and why sometimes it seems hard for you to achieve the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.

Now that you’re empowered with your better understanding of the complex female body, I’m sure that you can better prepare a workout routine for yourself that works.

Just remember to have slightly more focus on aerobics or cardio on top of muscle building exercises. Remember never to slip and have a healthy, nutritious diet. I’m sure that if you keep to these suggestions, you can succeed.

Good luck!