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Shaking Up Your Weight Training

When it comes to working out, many of us are creatures of habit. We do what we know. We stick with what’s familiar and comfortable. The catch is that if you always do the same thing the same way, your body will adapt and your results will grind to a halt. This is especially true of strength training, where you… Read more »

Cholesterol and exercise

Cholesterol and exercise are being studied to see what the actual, positive effects may be. The association between high cholesterol levels and the incidence and severity of coronary heart disease (CHD) is very pronounced. Approximately 38 percent of Americans have excessively high blood cholesterol levels. Recent studies have indicated that a 1% reduction in a person’s total serum cholesterol level… Read more »

Finding the right personal trainer for You

People are creatures of habit.  When it comes to taking the plunge and beginning a fitness routine or joining a gym, you will likely find yourself starting out with exercises and equipment you are comfortable with or those exercises and pieces of fitness equipment which draw from your strengths.  Everyone has exercises and equipment that they are intimidated by.  Some… Read more »

Quad Stretches – Work Those Major Muscles

Quad stretches is important to help lengthen the quad muscles. The quad is located on the front of the thigh and is one of the major leg muscles. It is important to stretch this muscle group after your various leg workouts or runs. The Different Stretches You Will Learn Butterfly stretch Looking at ceiling stretch Lie-on-your-belly stretch Leg extensions on… Read more »

Definition Of Aerobics Exercise

I’ve mentioned it very often so you might be wondering the definition of aerobics exercise! Aerobic exercise is basically any exercise or activity that helps to strengthen the heart. In a nutshell, if you engage in any activity that raises your heart rate significantly, it can be said that you are doing aerobics. This definition of aerobics has caused many… Read more »

Best Aerobic Exercise – Anything You Enjoy!

One of the commonly asked questions is what is the best aerobic exercise? My response to that is pretty simple. In my opinion, any workout that you thoroughly love and enjoy is easily the best aerobic exercise for you and your body. Think about it, if you enjoy something, you are less likely to complain about working out. If you… Read more »

Exercising in the Heat

Being outdoors in warm weather can be exhilarating, especially if you have spent months inside because of cold weather. Summer brings many opportunities to participate in physical activities and sports, as well as the daylight hours to enjoy these pursuits! However, understanding how to safely and effectively exercise in the heat is important. Here are some dos and don’ts to… Read more »