Category: Organic Gardening

Gardening With Kids

Gardening with kids is a wonderful activity. It is amazing to see the astonishment on a young child’s face when something that they planted begins to grow! Older kids can be involved in the whole process of planning out, planting, watering and harvesting. Gardening does not offer the instant rewards that many children expect of life these days. It can… Read more »

Quick Organic-container gardening help

Container gardening, Great solution to garden space problem! Even if you have enough space for garden, you may still want the container garden because of the great look it provides. Some organic herbs grow very well in containers or pots. Best part of container gardening is its flexibility. You can move the container to the shade if it’s very hot… Read more »

Organic Herb Gardening tips for a quick & easy herb garden

One of the easiest way to start an organic gardening is to start with herb gardening. When you get the fresh herbs directly from your garden then you are bound to stick to organic herb gardening experience. Reasons to grow herbs?   Herbs provide great taste to food when added in an appropriate amount. The health benefits of herbs even make them high… Read more »

How to water an Organic Home Garden Properly

Many people think they know the garden watering technique but tend to do it in a wrong way. If you do not water an organic garden in a right manner you may find that plants are not growing as much as they should have grown or you may even end up with the bare garden or pots only but with… Read more »