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5 Basic Tips for a healthy Organic Container Garden

Container gardening is a great idea to save space and keep the garden clean. You can save quite a good sum of money if you know the right way of container gardening. Here are some helpful tips for a healthy organic container gardening. 1. Soil Selection First thing you need to consider is to select a good organic soil for… Read more »

How to plan a Good Organic Vegetable Garden

Are you ready to go to the market for organic seeds? Wait, before you go to the market you will need to plan your organic vegetable garden for best result. Well planning solves half the problems arising from pests and diseases. Here are some ideas that help you in successful organic gardening. Step 1: Decide what to plant Some people… Read more »

Why Vegetarians Are Smarter Than Average Meat-Eaters

  Vegan—Kathy Abernathy says, “No worried….I grow my own healthy food” Vegetarians are very smart people. Not only because they actually are doing their humane part to save animals from slaughter, but also because so many are now producing their own healthy food.   “Smart” because they stopped trusting and depending on government agencies and their co-conspirators within the global… Read more »

5 things to do with Your Compost

By now having prepared your compost, you will know that it will contain all the goodness in nutrients that your planted flowers, fruits and vegetables need as well as your seedlings. That it will enrich your soil and help maintain the moisture levels all gardens need to succeed. Your compost has now ‘matured’ to a darkish brown color, slightly damp… Read more »

3 Tips for a High Yielding Vegetable Garden Crop

The idea of producing crops with a high yield is similar to that of arable farmers who aerate their fields through crop rotation but we are talking about small gardens or areas with small amounts of crop such as vegetables, but the strategy is similar. There is no magic wand that you can wave to get great yielding crops but… Read more »

Indoor Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

Indoor vegetable gardening can be very rewarding, but there are several things to think about before you start. First, do you have enough light? Plants do require a good amount of light to grow strongly and produce a crop. This does not matter so much for general house plants where you just want the plant to survive, but if you… Read more »