5 things to do with Your Compost

By now having prepared your compost, you will know that it will contain all the goodness in nutrients that your planted flowers, fruits and vegetables need as well as your seedlings. That it will enrich your soil and help maintain the moisture levels all gardens need to succeed.

Your compost has now ‘matured’ to a darkish brown color, slightly damp with what can only be described as an interesting, almost earthy smell to it. Certainly, it will look different to any thing you can buy in a shop. But this is your Organic Compost and now we can distribute it around your garden.

So how do we do that and where do we put it?

Whether you use your gloved hands, a spade or a shovel you will evenly spread it around the areas you are at present interested in. This month it may be seeds, next month fruit; it depends on the time of year and in your opinion, what needs feeding most. Bear in mind having a small or large area for your compost, what ever you do not use can go back in the compost for another time. As a guideline, the following will apply.


The borders tend to be the forgotten part of the garden because nothing is grown there but the compost will certainly help the soil that it covers. Either layer it around 2” in depth on top of the soil or dig the soil and mix it up with the compost. Worms will appreciate it and and their movement will add to the mixing of the soils.


There are two things to consider here.

One. If you have not planted your flowers, you can cover the area concerned to a depth of around 4”. It is your choice whether to just lay it on top of the soil or mix it in as either choice is correct.

Two. If flowers have already been planted just spread a 2” layer around the base of each flower. This will allow the goodness to soak its way down to the roots to help with its healthy growth.


There is no reason why you cannot apply your compost around the tree and its roots but not the base. They may not be as pretty as flowers but they do add to the overall picture of your garden and equally deserve ‘quality’ food. This will help prevent weeds growing.


You can spread the compost around the base of the bush or bushes, which will help prevent weeds from growing and taking nutrients away from it.

Pots for flowers/herbs/patios/veranda

These of course are not directly within the garden as such but constantly make for a visually striking picture because of their visual bloom. Just mix dirt and compost together in a ratio of 2:1. This will give healthy food for your plants to grow in. If you are using pots for seeds to grow in, once they reach the sapling stage they can be transferred into the garden proper, which hopefully you will have already layered with your Organic Compost. Good Luck!