5 Basic Tips for a healthy Organic Container Garden

Container gardening is a great idea to save space and keep the garden clean. You can save quite a good sum of money if you know the right way of container gardening. Here are some helpful tips for a healthy organic container gardening.

1. Soil Selection

First thing you need to consider is to select a good organic soil for the container. Unlike other potting soil, organic soil is free of peats. If you go for soil other than the organic soil you will have to change it in the next coming year since peat is something that is non- renewable. But with the soil that is made out combining sterilized manure, rich black humus and organic compost (naturally decayed plant matter) you have the advantage of reusing the soil either for the same container or for garden bed. The soil is high in nutrients and the nutrients won’t deplete as fast as in other soil.

2. Selection of fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are needed to keep the soil healthy. Good potting soil will feed your foliage and flowers healthy nutrients which are free of harsh chemicals. Go for organic formula which has a high middle NPK index (3 part number you can find on fertilizer bag) for best result.

3. Selection of good root fertilizers

One of the best fertilizers for strong root is Bone meal. The phosphorous rich fertilizer is a great solution for container plants. You can find Bone meal in any gardening shop or general stores.

4. Use your creativity for an organic outlook

The new concept of “found art” is a great way to make your garden organic looking. Washtubs, cast off pottery or even the old wagons can be planted and set in the garden letting them decay naturally. Use of such materials in home garden is one of the hottest trends in the field of organic container garden design.

5. Go for recyclable containers

Choice in Recyclable containers is the most flexible aspect of container gardening. Go for such containers which are long lasting and break down naturally.

At last when you get into an organic container gardening, you’ll save a lot of money that were spent on harsh chemicals and best of all you’ll have healthy container plants that look gorgeous.