Vertical Organic gardening – Great solution for a Small organic garden

Yes that’s the truth, not all of you have vast land for gardening. You may not be able to plant what you want because of the limited space in your little garden. This problem can be solved if you follow the organic vertical gardening and grow fresh vegetables for your family in that tiny garden. In other words you get to use maximum of the space you have.
Many plants can be grown in a little space using the upward space in a garden. Mostly, you can grow veggies that can follow a trailing. In fact,Following this method enables you to double the space you have for gardening.

If you talk about investment for such garden, it doesn’t cost you much. Using simple twine or wooden stakes as trellis saves you a lot of money. Even the garden fences can be used as support to the plants. Other options like chain links, wire links or the wire or wooden fences can also provide a good support.

Beans In vertical Organic Garden

Here are some of the best plants that you can grow in your vertical organic garden.
– Peas & beans: Beans are especially grown on stakes. Peas are also good candidates for vining. It’s not that they cannot be grown on ground without the trellis but it takes a huge space of your garden and it doesn’t grow that good as it grows on stakes.
– Cucumbers: Another vegetable that tastes great and needs a lot of space to grow! These plants can be easily guided to climb up in an already existing structure or a new one. It also acts as an ideal solution to grow cucumbers in vertical gardens for a fresh and healthy growth. Rotting and yellowing of cucumbers can be prevented with the use of this method.
– Melons: Melons! Great fruit for summer. Small melons can be easily grown in your organic home garden. You can simply grow them in containers providing support to grow upwards. Tying the vines in trellis and using old panty hoses to support the melons can easily enable you to create a healthy melon garden.


You can also grow other herbs and flowers which need huge space to grow in that tiny space of your home garden and create a great looking garden with useful plants.