Raised Bed Organic Vegetable Garden-how to build it and take advantage

Raised bed vegetable garden can be a very good option for growing vegetables. It can be implemented anywhere you live. The garden can be simple or elaborated as per your design. No matter which garden you go for, you will have the result with fresh and healthy vegetables.
This system is similar to the container organic gardening. In container vegetable gardening you have a small size container and in raised bed you will have bigger version. The roots of the vegetable don’t go that much deep. So you have ample space for the roots to grow in such raised bed system.

Raised bed organic vegetable garden

You will need to raise the garden bed to 13 to 15 inches. And when you talk about the width, it can be as per the space you have and you will need to reach the centre of the bed without having stepping on it. Moreover, if you don’t like to bend during the gardening process then you may possibly raise it to a comfortable height that will help you to tend without bending.

How to Build a Raised organic vegetable garden Bed?
For building a raised bed you can have choice among stones, timber, blocks, and retainer wall paver blocks. If you want to use the timber as building material then you have to go for a non-treated timber like cedar as they don’t contain any toxins. The problem with treated timber is that the toxins used to treat the wood gets into the soil and the organic vegetables will absorb those toxins from the soil. You may locally get such timbers or you can order online for the materials.
Next thing you need to consider is to provide enough drainage. Put gravel at the bottom and then place the soil on top of it. The pathways of the garden can look more attractive as compared to the normal garden.
When you talk about the advantages of raised bed vegetable gardens, they are highly low maintenance gardens. You don’t have to worry about the drainage of the garden. Plants water logged problem can be solved with the help of such raised bed gardens.