How to water an Organic Home Garden Properly

Many people think they know the garden watering technique but tend to do it in a wrong way. If you do not water an organic garden in a right manner you may find that plants are not growing as much as they should have grown or you may even end up with the bare garden or pots only but with no plants.

Here are some tips on proper organic home garden watering techniques that can help you maintain your garden healthy and long lasting.

– Best time to water the plants is the morning time. Watering in the morning allows the soil to dry out during the day time. This helps to prevent the fungal diseases. Watering the plants in evening may cause such diseases.

– Some people water in the mid day, it is simply the waste of water and time since the water dries up quickly. It can even harm the plants if the evaporation is fast because it burns the plant and make it wilted.

– Make the habit of watering deep but infrequent. You can water the plants twice or thrice a week depending upon the season. You may need to water even more in hot seasons. You can make a counting habit for deep watering. Count to 30 for each of the plant.

– Make sure you water the base of the plant, not just the leaves. Remember plants get their water from the soil through the roots.

Organic garden watering

– Purchasing a watering wand is a better solution than investing in a sprinkler or nozzle since the breaker on the end of such wand gives a soft and gentle water shower to the plants. This will help to prevent the erosion of soil.

– If you go for container for growing plants like tomatoes and other moisture sensitive plants make use of self watering containers for better result.

– Always remember that over watering can harm the plants by saturating the soil. It can result in rotting roots.

– Follow these tips and have a happy Garden Watering!