Organic Vegetable gardening…Your first step towards healthy food

A small vegetable patch in your garden can provide you with fresh and healthy vegetables. It not only provides you fresh vegetables but also saves you from the harmful chemicals that normally are present in the market vegetables. Organic gardening can also be a good time pass for those who are retired and old.

When we talk about gardening you might think that you need a degree in worms and compost. But it’s not like that. You can simply grow veggies in your garden with the help of our organic gardening tips and hints. Eventually it might be so interesting that you may make it as a part of your lifestyle.

Gardening without harmful chemicals was a way of life in the past. But rapid growth and civilization changed all, resulting in use of chemicals for fast and more production. Nowadays you hardly can find fruits or vegetables without chemicals present in it.

Staying away from such chemicals is possible with your slight effort and little bit of time. Just imagine how it feels when you pick fresh tomatoes from your own garden and put into your breakfast sandwich. If you are a guava lover, just think how good is it to pick a fresh guava from the garden tree and have.

Organic Veggi Garden

When you start an organic vegetable garden it’s more than just keeping yourself away from those chemicals. You will be in harmony with nature. You will be improving your Organic Garden Soil, conserving water and preserving after beneficial insects.


You can start your garden with few plants of vegetables, a few of herbs and some small fruit tree. Organic herb gardening is so simple that will fascinate you with fresh and healthy herbs for cooking. You can plant companion herb or veggie plants.

When you are in the go then you will start to find out about compost and good worms for the organic garden.

It’s not a big deal to have a vegetable patch even if you have a small garden. You can use the method of container gardening for your veggie patch. Other ideas like patio gardening, indoor gardening, vertical gardening and container potato growing are great ideas for organic gardening.