Organic Herb Gardening tips for a quick & easy herb garden

One of the easiest way to start an organic gardening is to start with herb gardening. When you get the fresh herbs directly from your garden then you are bound to stick to organic herb gardening experience.

Reasons to grow herbs?


Herbs provide great taste to food when added in an appropriate amount. The health benefits of herbs even make them high in demand as they can enhance the immunity system.

Considering all the advantages of herbs, here are some helpful tips to make your herb growing experience more easy and simple.

– If it is possible try to place the herb garden near to the kitchen. Keeping it nearby provides you an easy access to the herbs plus you are more likely to use them while cooking.

– You need to plant herbs like mints, comfrey, bee balm, lemon balm and pennyroyal in pots since they can cover the entire herb garden because of their invasive nature.

–  Make use of herbs in companion planting with vegetables to get rid of harmful bugs.

Herb Garden

– If you plant herbs in containers, it provides a great patio garden.

– Plan your herbs before planting them. Plant only those herbs which you frequently use. Planting herbs that are used once in a while only wastes your garden space.

– You can find many varieties of same herbs. Like, you can get Parsley in flat leaf or curly leaf. The varieties can provide a significant change in taste and colour. Go for such variety that best suits your taste buds.

–  Make use of organic fertilizer for a good herb garden. You can use compost and seaweeds as fertilizers. It’s better to dig them into the soil.

–  If garden space is a problem for herb gardening, you have an alternative of growing them on windowsill. It can be a great solution for easy access of kitchen herb too. It also helps you keep your favourite herb nearby your kitchen.

-Enjoy the organic herb gardening with great healty herbs!