Quick Organic-container gardening help

Container gardening, Great solution to garden space problem! Even if you have enough space for garden, you may still want the container garden because of the great look it provides. Some organic herbs grow very well in containers or pots.

Best part of container gardening is its flexibility. You can move the container to the shade if it’s very hot or to the sunlight if you feel the plants need more sunlight.  Can you move the normal garden inside when there is a hailstorm? Obviously no, but you can always move those containers with expensive organic herbs when there is such situation.

If you wish to make a rooftop garden then containers are the great materials to create your dream garden. You can even make your deck colourful with flowers or grow some veggies for your family, if you go for container garden.

Here are some helpful tips to make your organic container gardening experience more easy and fruitful.


–  First of all you need to think how much the pot can handle. Weather friendly pots needs to be placed for a long lasting garden. If you are in rainy climate then rust proof pots are perfect.

–  Next thing you will need to consider is the size of the plant you are planting. Growing veggies in container needs large pots so that they can hold enough water and let the roots grow easily.

– Make sure there is enough drainage in the container. Some decorative planters doesn’t contain such system and which ultimately lead to rotting root.

– You can also make use of used plastic jug or bottles as pot liners.

Organic Container garden


–  When you have selected the proper pot and soil, the next thing you need to consider is the plants. You can plant anything in a container but it’s the matter of what grows well in a pot. Annual flowers are good candidates for organic container gardening.

– When you want to grow vegetables in container just remember that most of the veggies need at least six hours of sunlight to grow healthily. So put such vegetable organic containers in sunny area.

– Plants like compact cherry tomatoes and peppers grow very well in pots.

– You can grow vegetables like spinach, lettuce, carrot, onion in containers. Trailing veggies like peas, cucumber and beans also grow well in pots if you provide them vertical support.

–  When you go for container garden, just keep in mind that most of the pot plants dry out quickly. In hot season, you may need to water them even twice a day.