Fatigue Syndrome

This is how it starts. You just had your morning coffee and nevertheless feel like going straight back to bed. You don’t find the car keys, arrive late at work, need a lunch break lasting for hours, mess up your desk and finally back home fall asleep after ten minutes in front of the TV. And not just for one… Read more »

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe – A Little Sin

Chocolate milkshake recipe on a fitness site? Yes! Chocolate has been the brunt of many criticisms, from being responsible for pimple outbreaks, to weight gain and many other harsh remarks. The truth is, chocolates do not cause pimples, that is a myth. While excessive amounts of chocolates can cause you to gain weight, any other food would too, if you… Read more »

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich – Mouthwaterin’!

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich has always been a staple for many Americans. However, recently, this sandwich is fast growing to be more popular in other parts of the world as well. In Asia for example, people have been eating them without realizing it. The reason being, they do not know that jelly actually refers to jam spreads. Therefore, they… Read more »

Do crunches burn calories?

Question: I was wondering if you could possibly explain how many crunches do I need to do to lose weight. For instance, how many crunches do I need to do before I can burn 200 calories? This can help me to tailor a plan for weight loss. Besides crunches, what other exercises can I do to burn fat from my… Read more »

Definition Of Physical Fitness

Both you and I have probably wondered the definition of physical fitness. Each of us probably has a different idea what exactly is physical fitness. Dictionaries define it as being in good shape or being in good condition. The truth is, the definition is relative! You choose how you want to define it! Everyone Looks At It Differently Suppose that… Read more »

5 ways to combat depression

I just want to put it out there that I am having a hard time lately.  For the past couple of months or so it feels like every little thing is just awful. It isn’t just that the things I used to enjoy are not interesting to me.  It’s that NOTHING is interesting to me.  Everything seems excruciating. Even the simplest of things,… Read more »

Tuna Sandwich Recipes – Seize Those Omega 3 Fatty Acids!

Tuna sandwich recipes are a pretty neat addition to your collection of healthy breakfast recipes. After all, sandwiches are easy to prepare and tuna is very healthy too! Fish is a form of white meat, a clean source of protein for the body. Let’s find out what other goodness is there in tuna, shall we? Benefits Of Tuna Tuna and… Read more »