Do you want to have a good sleep

1. Consumption of greasy and fatty foods

Greasy and fatty foods will not only make you the next morning to move slowly, but also overload your stomach to digest food, so bring discomfort may make you hard to sleep. Before going to bed to stay away from fast food, ice cream, and other similar foods.

2. In front of the screen intently

Internet with a laptop and tablet, a lot of people love to do before going to sleep, but the blue glow of these devices will stimulate your brain, so that the body is difficult to relax, it is difficult to realize that the time to sleep, even in television favorite programs may smash you good sleep. If you’re looking for interesting things, reading a book to relax, or meditation in which would be a good choice.

3. Do strenuous aerobic exercise

Do regular exercise is the key to ensure that the high quality of sleep, but sleep not a good idea to go to the gym. I will not speak after a workout, eat something, and this time the exercise will make your heart beat faster increase physical, so that your mind and body are very difficult to calm. To be able to sleep well, sleep three hours is best not to exercise myself.

4. Working late

The weekend you have an important meeting or plan dinner allows you to relax and do a good job. To ensure one hour before going to bed, do not work, and let the brain the segment rest of the time. So you can enjoy sleeping calm, not anxious thing tomorrow must be done.

5. Caffeine

Coffee, tea and even chocolate, caffeine may stimulate your body to make you difficult to sleep. You may be difficult to grasp the intake of caffeine, and the best way is do not drink before going to bed a few hours. The wine is also the same. Fast before going to bed, drink a cup of Winona wine, or drink two to three cups let you all night and no security, even if you went to sleep immediately.

6. Emotional

Quarrel on the phone and your sister, see an annoyance television shows, also read an emotional too rich book, in fact, is not conducive to rest. In order to control your mental and emotional outbursts, you can read a relaxing novel, a cup of herbal tea and a hot bath, or do some gentle stretching exercises in bed.