Acid Reflux Medicine

Acid Reflux is not a very nice condition to experience. Acid reflux can put a horrible sour acid like taste in your mouth, along with give you other horrible side effects. There are however, drug medications you can take to help alleviate acid reflux. These medicines can either be purchased over the counter through your local pharmacy, or you can even get a prescribed prescription from your local or family doctor for medicine suitable to treat acid reflux.

This article is going to inform you a little about what medication and drugs you can take to alleviate acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Drug Medication and Medicine
As I mentioned earlier in the article, your local or family doctor can prescribe suitable medicine which contains a drug to alleviate acid reflux. You can also purchase suitable medication drugs at your local pharmacy. There are a variety of drug related medicines available for you to purchase or be prescribed that help with acid reflux.

An antacid is a useful medicine for relieving acid reflux. Tums or Mylanta may be suitable medicines for you to use for acid reflux. These medication drugs neutralize acid on contact and give the relief you will be seeking when you have acid reflux.

There are more medications you can use which contain suitable drugs to fight against acid reflux. H2 Blockers are classed as acid reducers. They inhibit acid production within your stomach, therefore reducing or eliminating acid reflux.

The above medications which contain drugs to aid with acid reflux can all be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy. There are of course further medicines that you can get on prescription from your local or family doctor.

These medication drugs can include the following medicines:
Promotility Agents – These lower the pressure on the valve between the stomach and your esophagus, which in turn will help the movement of any food you have eaten occur in your stomach.

Proton Pump Inhibitors – These are simply put another medication for reducing acid in the stomach escaping back upwards to your throat and mouth. There are a variety of Proton Pump Inhibitors that you can get prescribed from your family doctor. Aciphex, Prilosec and Prevacid are all medicines that contain drugs to help reduce acid.

Of course there are natural ways you can try to relieve and eliminate acid reflux. However, sometimes the natural ways of relieving acid reflux will not always work for some people. There is no other alternative but to take a medicine which contains the appropriate drugs in them to help relieve acid reflux. If you prefer to not use drug induced medicines, then I suggest you at least try the natural alternatives, but if they do not work for you and help relieve your acid reflux, you then seek advice relating to drug medication specifically for the relief of acid reflux.

The medication I have mentioned above all are known to give relief to any person who is unfortunate enough to suffer from acid reflux. Simply follow the instructions and directions on the back of the packaging that the medicine comes in and you should be feeling better in no time. If you purchase a drug medication over the counter from your local pharmacy, and still find you are not getting adequate relief, I then urge you to seek medical attention and get further advice regarding what drug medication will be best suited to you for your acid reflux condition. Your local or family doctor most definitely is in the best position and profession to give you the advice you will be seeking regarding medication for acid reflux.