Getting the Right Organic Garden Fertilizer for your Plants

Do you have an idea on what’s the best organic garden fertilizer your plant needs to become healthy? Read on and discover for yourself the various techniques on where and how to obtain organic fertilizers.

Organic Garden Fertilizer

Organic garden fertilizer ranges from compost to mulches to manures to vermi compost, etc. The first thing that you need to have in gardening is compost. While planning for your garden, you can already begin making your compost. Dig in to the ground and stuff your compost pit with biodegradable wastes which can mostly be found in your kitchen. These can be fruit peelings, egg shells, bone meal, blood meal, dried leaves, etc. For those who don’t have a ground to dig in, you can buy compost bin in the garden supply market.

Compost can be used once it reaches decomposition stage. As an organic garden fertilizer, compost provides almost all the nutrients needed by your plants. When your compost is ready, mix it together with your soil in preparation for planting your vegetables.

Vermicompost is gaining popularity in the gardening world. It is the process of making use of various species of worms, specifically red wigglers, white worms and earthworms creating heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, bedding materials, and pure vermicast created during the course of regular vermiculture operations. Vermicompost is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic garden fertilizer and soil conditioner.

Another effective fertilizer is animal manure. Again, it needs to be decomposed first before you can use it as a fertilizer, otherwise when you use it fresh, you’ll just going to kill your plant plus its way too smelly and soiled to handle. Have it aged for 6 months before using animal manure. You cannot use animal manure of predator animals such as dog, cat, pig and human because it contains pathogenic bacteria in their digestive system which can be transferred into the food grown. The most popular varieties of manure which you can use can be sheep, chicken, and cow manure.

If you have an aquarium at home, then you can use that as an organic garden fertilizer. Aquarium water is full nutrients due to the waste and left over bits of the fishes. If you have a gravel vacuum, you’ll be able to take away all the sludge that has settled into the gravel and make use of it as a fertilizer.

Green manure such as clover and soybean is also an excellent source of an organic garden fertilizer. It is a nitrogen fixing crop that grows together with your plants. As it decomposes, it feeds the soils at the same time and its roots helps in improving the soil structure. Organic matters added to your soil improve its structure and will help you in raising happy and healthy plants.

Organic matters have acids that make plant roots more porous which help greatly in the intake of water and nutrients of the plants.