Your gut feelings

It has often been said that the gut has a brain of its own. The gut has a connection to the enteric nervous system which has the same fetal tissues as that of the brain. Various studies have been conducted to understand the connection between the gut and the brain. It has been found out that an important role is… Read more »

Coconut use in health promotion and disease prevention

Coconut is considered to be an important tree providing food to millions living all over the world. For the past many years, products offered by the coconut tree such as oil, cream, copra and its water have been useful in disease prevention and health promotion. The utility of the coconut tree does not end with its ability of disease prevention… Read more »

Green tea and cancer prevention

Studies have revealed that polyphenols in green tea prevent the formation and also the development of tumors anywhere in the body of animals. Tests have been conducted on animal organs to check the beneficial effect of green tea on lung, skin, esophagus, oral cavity, intestine, stomach, liver, colon, mammary gland, bladder, prostrate and pancreatic cancer and tumors. Green Tea helps… Read more »

Caffeine – good or bad?

According to a study done by researchers at National Institute of Health, Asian women had higher levels of estrogen when subjected to 200 milligrams of caffeine when compared to white women who were subjected to the same amount. 200 milligrams of caffeine is equivalent to two cups of coffee. When the same tests were conducted on African-American women, they were… Read more »

I have CFS. And what now?

Yes, that is the question! Doctors not only are unsure what CFS actually implies, they are also virtually clueless on what causes the condition. They are even debating what “type” of condition we are talking about: is it genuinely a neuralgic disorder or the effect of an undetectable virus infection, or a degeneration of the central nervous system or maybe… Read more »

Why diets fail

One of the greatest myths that lead to diet failure is that if you eat fewer calories and exercise more then you will lose weight. While diet and exercise certainly contribute to weight loss the bigger picture is more involved and complex then simply changing you’re eating habits and behaviors. Look at fat for instance. For each gram of fat… Read more »

All calories are the same

Each calorie is different, especially in relation to weight loss. It has been proven by recent scientific studies that not all calories carry the same “weight”. Diets have changed over time in relation to three food groups which are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. While the consumption of calories that hold fat are going down, the ones coming from protein and… Read more »