Rumpless Booted Bantam

Breed Standard

Origin: Germany
Classification: rue Bantam: Rare
Egg colour: White

The Rumpless Booted originates from the Thüringen Forest region of Germany, in particular the small industrial town of Ruhla in the district. It is a booted bantam, with or without beard, with a stocky, rumpless and rounded body and a lively and confident nature. Developed more recently than the Booted Bantam, the breed has its own standard. They are known in country of origin as Ruhlaer Zwerg Kaulhuhner. Their first recorded appearances in the UK are at shows in 1901 shown as Rumpless Booted, however, there are references in articles taking them back to 1893.

General characteristics: Male

Type: Body broad, short, stout and rounded. Back short and broad and only slightly sloping. Breast full and rounded. Keel well developed. Wings short and lying neatly. Shoulders broad and well rounded.

Head: Medium sized; rounded. Face red and smooth. Comb small, erect with 3 to 5 points. Wattles absent or indistinct in the bearded variety, otherwise small and rounded. Earlobes red, but a small little reddish-white colouring is permitted. Eyes reddish brown, darker or lighter depending on the colour of plumage. Beak dark horn. Well-developed muff and full beard in the bearded variety.

Neck: Short, full, not inclined backwards at all; hackle with the appearance of a mane in the bearded version.

Legs & feet: Thighs powerful, well feathered with well-developed vulture hocks, consisting of long rigid feathers which almost touch the ground. Fairly short shanks which are heavily furnished with long and rather stiff feathers on the outer sides. Toes, four, straight and well spread. The outer and middle toes being very heavily feathered.

Plumage: Wide and full. Saddle very full, saddle feathers forming a half ball rear. Tail completely absent.

General characteristics: Female

The general characteristics are similar to the male, allowing for the natural sexual differences. The hen’s carriage is almost horizontal, with well-developed rump feathering. The comb and earlobes are smaller than in the male.

Colour Scale of points
As per the Booted Bantams

Male 700g Female 600g

Scale of points
Type 25
Head 15
Colour (plumage) 15
Colour (legs & beak) 5
Leg and foot feathering 15
Size 10
Condition 15