Good double chin exercise

Is a double chin exercise good? What do you have to do? How long before I can lose the fat? The questions are endless…

… so I thought that this would be a good article to share with you. I write about my honest opinions, backed by research and my own understanding of fitness. It might not be an easy read, but I want you to only know the truth.

Quite a number of men and women want to know how to minimize the fat deposits just under their chin. They wonder what exercise they should do to lose the double chin.

Another Exercising Myth

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a double chin exercise. There is a lot of information on the Internet that suggests that there are simple exercises that work, but I have been researching and there is not enough evidence. In my opinion, I honestly feel that it is another exercise myth.

Attempting a double chin exercise to thin the chin area is the same as doing abdominal exercises to achieve abs when you are not of the ideal body weight. You cannot spot tone one area of your body and hope for results.

I’m highly doubtful that the double chin exercise shown on many websites, as well as neckline slimming creams and other products actually work. Asides from the lack of scientific evidence to back it up, I do know of family members and friends who have tried, and see no results.

If You Insist That It Works…

However, if you insist on trying, you should check a few things. First would be your Body-Mass Index, also known as your BMI. The formula is as follows:

Weight divided by (Height in metres times Height in metres)

Your BMI tells you whether you are of an acceptable weight, underweight or overweight. If you are overweight, you will not be able to see any muscle definition if you do muscle-building exercises, unless you burn fat through aerobic activities.

Therefore, if you are overweight and attempt to do a double chin exercise (I am very sure that it won’t help) you will see no difference.

What Do I Suggest To You?

If you are really depressed about your looks and feel that an effective double chin exercise can help you, relax…

There are other great ways to combat it.

First, calculate your Body-Mass Index (BMI) again. Take a look at your weight values. Does it indicate that you are of an acceptable weight? Or are you on the heavier side?

Suppose you are underweight or of anacceptable weight, and you have a double chin, (this is quite unlikely, but not unheard of) I would strongly advise you to go to your doctor.

When your weight is not an issue but you have this problem, it could be due to genetics and other uncontrollable variables. It would be best to discuss with your healthcare professional the next step you should take.

Now, if you are overweight, head over to my aerobic exercise or weight loss sections. The aerobic exercise would discuss great options for exercises that you can do to burn fat, while the section on weight loss has great tips and helpful information for you.

Lastly, are you trying to look better, or do you have a problem with self-esteem? Some might confuse the two, or even say that their looks equals to self-esteem. My question is simple.

Let’s say you have lost your double chin, would you be extremely happy? Or would you still be negative about yourself? If you think that you would still be negative, take a look at my article about low self-esteem.

Final Words

My view does not change; doing double chin exercise does not work. I do know a few people who got rid of their double chin, not because of stroking their neck every morning, but because of regular runs and exercise!

I know that this article might have been harsh, but I want to be honest with you. Being equipped with the right knowledge can empower you to make the greatest and healthiest changes to your life!

Yes, a double chin exercise will not solve your problem, but it does not mean that there aren’t any solutions. There are PLENTY. You have to be motivated, open-minded and determined to succeed.

You can, and you will. I promise to take your hand and guide you along, one step at a time.