Cheek exercises

Sometimes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see someone actively promoting cheek exercises. He or she might claim that it works, that you can look your absolute best by doing some face massages for five minutes every single day.

I shall be frank, I’ve tried it before, and I don’t see rosy cheeks appearing overnight, unless I’m actively working out. These individuals try to get you to believe in such workouts because most of the time, you are in the dark about how your body works.

Therefore, I wrote this with hopes that you are more knowledgeable about your health and fitness, and with that, won’t fall for such hype in the future.

What Are Cheek Exercises?

Cheek exercises are simple motions that you do on your face using your fingers, supposedly to “massage” away fat and revitalize your skin and facial features. There are various motions taught on online guides and e-books, all aimed at making you look better.

Please do not even waste a minute of your time on such things. They do not work and you will understand why.

It Does Not Work!

If massaging your face helped you to slim down your cheeks and gave you a rosy complexion, doesn’t that mean that you could massage your tummy after a fat-loaded meal and get abs?

I know that sounds harsh but the fact is such things just do not work. You cannot massage your way to looking good. Your body just enjoys the sensation of the massaging motions, but that’s about it. It does not benefit you in any other way.

Despite that, many people choose to believe it because of two reasons:

1) It promises a quick solution to remove the fat from their cheeks.

2) They do not know how their body works.

Everyone wants to solve their problems quickly. It’s only natural to want the fastest and most-effective solution, but sometimes, they are bound to disappoint. Just like those fast weight loss products that never work.

The second reason – lack of knowledge. I think people still have faith that cheek exercises work because they think it stops aging. Well, it doesn’t. No amount of rubbing your cheeks and poking your cheekbones will help stop the power of time.

However, if you exercise regularly, that is, working out properly by engaging in muscle-building workouts like leg exercises, and aerobic activity, you can help to slow down aging.

How Does Working Out Help?

Regular exercise has been scientifically proven to help combat the signs of aging, like wrinkles! That is pretty good news if you have been furiously prodding your cheeks to make those lines disappear! Besides that, when you work out, it helps promote better blood circulation, so you have rosier cheeks.

Our body is one of the best examples of the age-old saying: use it, or lose it. When you stop engaging in regular physical activity, your brain stops your body functions from repairing itself, and you go into a state of physical decline.

When this happens, you face increased risks of diseases like osteoporosis and heart failure, including poor, pasty looking skin. Ouch!

But, But, I Have Too Much Baby Fat In My Cheeks!

Do you have cheeks like Hayden Panettiere? Well, I thought she looks cute with those cheeks of baby fat!

If you have been working out, taking care of your diet and you are still grumbling about your cheeks, then it is not because exercising did not help – it did – but, you are fighting something else: genetics.

No amount of exercise can combat genetics. They just happen. Genetics influence the way you look and it is hard to change that unless you go under the knife. Yes, surgical treatments.

However, before you do so, I strongly recommend that you take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are so unhappy. Ask your loved ones what they think of your looks. Sometimes we focus so much on what our minds tell us that we don’t realize that others might find us adorable!

Love makes the world go round, and in this case, it can make you feel good about yourself too. Not all of us can be as cheerful as Mary Poppins. We might need a reminder from time to time of how much we mean to others.

At the end of the day, if you are still feeling very negative about yourself, is it because you suffer from low self-esteem? If that is the case, then no amount of exercise, weight loss or even SURGERY will make you feel better until you have solved that problem.

Final Words

Yes, you might not like to hear it but honesty is the best policy! Cheek exercises simply don’t work. Those who dare to come forward and suggest otherwise probably work out in secret and consciously have healthy meals.

Therefore, don’t waste your time on such things. Focus on what matters the most to you: your health. Another minute you waste on such fads is another minute that you could have spent doing ab exercises, for example.

So go forth, and pursue your aims! You can achieve them, with perseverance and determination.