Benefits of exercise

Knowing the benefits to exercise can really push you forward. I wrote this article to help you understand why putting aside some time every day to exercise can be a great investment.

Exercise has many great benefits!

Someone might have told you this before. When you hear this statement, you may either feel excited about the benefits and start exercising, or you would think that that person is merely exaggerating.

In this section, I will list to you the great benefits to exercise. Not like a faceless science article, (I find that daunting, and I’m in love with Chemistry!) but in an approachable manner.

The various benefits to exercise has improved my quality of life. So you have my word that I am telling you nothing but theĀ TRUTH.

What Do I Stand To Gain?

  • Exercise helps you stay young

Did I get your attention? šŸ˜€

More and more research are starting to indicate a pattern between exercise and staying youthful. Explaining this on a scientific level will be complicated and boring, so allow me to give you a simple summary.

Regular exercise tells your internal systems to regenerate new cells. When your body has nice levels of newer cells, the aging process slows down.

Lack of exercise or leading a passive lifestyle where you do not engage in any physical activity does not trigger any cell renewal process in your body. Therefore, as time passes, cells get older and start to die. You start to show signs of aging as time goes by, or even worse, you look older then you should!

In our vain society, this is one of the many benefits to exercise that you would definitely love.

  • Exercise can help relief stress

In my opinion, out of all the benefits to exercise, this takes the top spot!

Do you feel stressed over work? Instead of ripping your hair out, hit the tracks and run! Your stress levels and waistline will thank you!

When you exercise, it releases “feel-good” hormones called “endorphins”. Does that sound too technical? Basically these hormones makes you, well, feel GOOD! It signals your brain to take a step back, and think positively!

  • Long term commitment to exercise can boost confidence

When you exercise regularly, your level of endorphins is much higher for longer periods of time. This actually helps you improve your morale and self-esteem.

You might be thinking: “yeah RIGHT…”. But I know this for a fact.

When I was younger and going through puberty, I was teased a lot. A close friend of mine told me to exercise! I simply rolled my eyes at that suggestion.

However, I gave it a shot, and I did feel different. Exercising made me feel good about myself. It can do that for you too!

  • Exercise can help you lose weight

Weight loss is a big issue for many people. Exercise can help you trim inches and fit comfortably into jeans you wore five years ago!

Working out requires energy. For the body to have energy, it will burn calories. The word “calorie” is the scientific term for energy found in food.

When you do not use up excess calories in your body, it is converted to fat, as stored up energy. The more intensively you work out, the more calories you burn, and the more weight you will lose.

  • Regular exercise helps prevent health problems

Exercise in the long run can help prevent diseases. For example, walking is a bone-building exercise which can prevent osteoporosis in the long run.

I love scrambled eggs for breakfast! Imagine the cholesterol! Exercise actually helps remove the bad cholesterol and increases levels of good cholesterol. This means that you and I can enjoy eating eggs and seafood, in MODERATION of course, if we exercise regularly.

When you do regular cardio (also known as aerobic) activity, this helps strengthens the respiratory and circulatory systems as well.

  • Exercise improves your energy level, so you can do things you enjoy for longer periods of time!

Have you felt exhausted after doing household chores? Did you feel like stopping to catch your breath while babysitting your niece?

NEVER give up. Regular physical activity, such as babysitting a hyperactive toddler can make future attempts a lot easier.

Other Types Of Exercise

You will come across topics like aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility training in this website.

Aerobic exerciseĀ is defined as a form of exercise that demands greater oxygen for the body. Read about theĀ benefits of aerobic exercise.

Strength training is about using weights to increase the intensity of your workouts. Read about theĀ benefits of strength training.

Flexibility training looks at improving various movements of the body. Read about the benefits of flexibility training.

Final Words

Many times, we don’t seize a good opportunity until it is too late. I’m sad that not many people exercise because it is portrayed as troublesome, expensive and time-consuming.

Exercise is easy and it can be a lot of fun! The first step is always the hardest, but if you are ready to take on the challenge, then I’ll be your faithful partner. Together, we will slowly start our journey towards a healthier and a more active lifestyle.

The one lesson I hope you have learnt is that the benefits to exercise are numerous. You can reap the rewards, trust me.