Pull Up Workout – Possibly The Most Challenging

I have to be frank – pull up workout is not easy. You might have to build your strength before you can attempt this exercise.

You might wonder – why talk about it then? Well, this exercise is really great, and it is quite tough because it requires a lot of your muscles to work together.

This exercise focuses on the arms, chest, back, abdominals and shoulders! How many workouts do you know help to train so many muscles simultaneously? Not many. This is why I feel you should know about this exercise, and try it sometime!

There are two versions, the standard pull up, where you are suspended from a horizontal beam and the modified one. This modified version involves a much lower beam, usually at the waist level, so you can try this first before advancing to the standard ones.

A little note – women might want to avoid doing the standard beam. By all means, try doing this workout, but the standard pull ups can be very challenging for women as their muscle build is not the same as men.

Then again, as I always say, if you don’t try, you never know.

Doing Pull Up Workout (Standard)

  • Stand just before the bar. Jump and grab the bar.

You can choose to do an overhand or underhand grip. Some of my friends tell me to use underhand because it’s easier. I find overhand easier actually. So look at what tickles your fancy. 😀

  • Pull yourself up such that your chin is above the bar.

Focus all your muscles as you pull yourself upwards. Tighten your abdominal muscles, grip the bar tightly and pull!

If you cannot pull yourself such that your chin is above the bar, relax, and try the modified version.

  • Return to the starting position.
  • Strive for 3 repetitions.

Attempting The Modified Version

This would entail a lower horizontal beam, preferably one at your waist level.

  • Grab the bar and straighten your body such that it rests on your heel and supported by you gripping the bar.

Make sure that your body is straight and your arms are perpendicular to the floor. Also, decide whether an overhand or underhand grip feels better for you.

  • Pull your body up, making sure your chin is above the bar.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat this entire procedure for 5 times.

Things To Look Out For

  • Overexertion.

The most common cause of injuries for this exercise is overexertion. If you feel that you cannot do another repetition, stop and relax. You will accomplish more by doing fewer, higher quality reps than greater, poor quality ones.

Remember, your strength will grow as time goes by and you will find that you can do more and more repetitions!

  • Wear proper gloves

This is more applicable for the standard version.

When you start trying this exercise, sometimes, you tend to let go of the bar when you are exhausted. This can cause skin burns if you do it incorrectly. To prevent this, invest in proper exercise gloves, just in case.

Making The Pull Up Workout Even Tougher

  • Simply strive for more repetitions.

This workout is pretty intense on its own, so when you need a greater challenge, try to complete more repetitions.

Final Words

Yes, this is a challenging workout, but it does wonders. You should really work hard to try completing a few reps of it.

Only the persistent truly succeed.

So do not give up. It will take time, but eventually when you make healthy changes by eating well, and exercising regularly, I’m sure you will be able to do this exercise, be it the standard or modified version.

It is the effort and perseverance that truly count. Give it a shot and tell me all your stories and experiences.