Want to get my pre-pregnancy figure

Question: I’ve just had my first newborn child and I put on quite a bit of weight. I’ve been working out and I think I’m doing it right because I have lost quite a bit of weight.

Through exercise and eating properly, as your site suggested, I have managed to lose about 40 pounds. However, I’m still a bit conscious about my stomach area because I think it can be improved, and I want to work to a point where it would stop jiggling.

I was wondering if you could point out if I am doing anything wrong and what can I do further to improve my stomach area. I love your tips so I hope to get a reply from you soon.


Congratulations on your newborn! I wish you the very best on your new journey through motherhood.

I also think you are doing an impressive job on working out! Losing forty pounds after your pregnancy shows your determination and perseverance in ensuring that you succeed. You are also a vision to mothers and women everywhere that it can be done.

The fact that you have lost forty pounds tells me that you are not doing anything wrong, but perhaps you are setting your goals a little too high.

Stomach fat takes a lot longer to go away which is why it is the most problematic area for anyone. What you need to do is keep at it. Focus on exercising and eating right. The unwanted flab would go away before you know it.

What is important is that you ensure that you keep eating right, and stay away from sweet and oily food. On top of that, never give up. Whenever you feel down, take a look at my tips for motivation for exercise or even start your own workout journal.

You’re doing great, and you can achieve a nice figure in time. Just believe in yourself and continue working out. You will be rewarded for you effort. It is just going to take a bit more time, that’s all.