Fat and the role of insulin

Losing weight does not have to be an excruciating ordeal. On the contrary, it can be a very simple process if you do it right. The bottom line is that you must balance your diet in order to keep your blood sugar balanced. In order to do this you must create the right attitude and environment to do so in. Many people create a negative set of circumstances for losing weight without even knowing it. This is not a purposeful act, just one that is unconscious. When you partake in negative behaviors you are driving your blood sugar crazy, making in go up, down and all around.

Many people feel that they need to have that one cup of coffee to get their day going and along with that a cigarette and a sticky bun. This all makes for a significant drop in blood sugar. Loosing blood sugar control makes you gain weight, makes you feel exhausted and makes you feel even hungrier. Having poor control of blood sugar makes it three times more likely to have a hard time losing weight. By gaining control of your blood sugar is what helps you to drop those unwanted pounds.

When speaking of blood sugar, the topic of insulin cannot be left out. The hormone insulin is made by the pancreas and moves the glucose out of the blood supply. The more your blood sugar raises the more insulin your body produces. The more insulin that is produced the more sugar your body dumps in a very quick fashion. Because of this, insulin is a fat storing type of hormone.

High levels of insulin encourage the body to take food and turn it into fat. Insulin also is an inhibitor of the breakdown of stored fats which means once you get fat you stay fat. Research from Professor Gerald Reaven of Stanford University, the majority of obese people are insulin resistant and 25% of slim people are also insulin resistant.

What does this mean? It means that your body need to be able to produce more insulin in order to lower peaking blood sugar. Many types of foods can send your blood sugar through the roof and makes insulin pour into your body at dangerous and unhealthy levels.

However, if you eat the right types of food you can keep your blood sugar and insulin levels in check and be able to burn fat more effectively and in a healthier way. This is how you can lose weight in a safe and realistic time frame.