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Having Fun With Your Chicken Coops

Reasing chickens can be fun. When you have grown up with them, you would know the kind of creatures they are and you will realise what fun they can be. It is even more so if they have their own chicken coop. It is also called a hen house, because the majority of residents are hens with one or two cocks… Read more »

Buying Chickens Based on Weather

For those that are in the stages of planning for their chicken coop, they are going to find that the type of chicken that they choose is something that they are going to spend a lot of time on finding. They want a chicken that is going to produce the type of eggs that they want, be something that is… Read more »

Chicken Coop Nest Boxes

If you plan to gather eggs from your hens you will need chicken coop nest boxes. Chicken nesting boxes can also be used if you want your hens to hatch the eggs themselves instead of you using an incubator. Chicken coop nest boxes are easy to build or buy and they are an important part of the coop. Here are some tips on… Read more »

Small Chicken Coops

A small chicken coop will usually be the size of a bathroom cabinet. People can buy a bathroom cabinet and build a chicken coop out of it. The chicken coop is already built due to the wood of the cabinet and the doors that will be used for the coop. It will take some creativity and a little bit of… Read more »

Top 8 Small Chicken Coop Design Tips

Raising chickens is fun for the whole family. Kids especially love collecting fresh eggs. If you are wanting to build a small chicken coop but have no idea where to start, keep reading…  The first thing you need to do is come up with chicken coop designs or plans.  Decide the dimensions of your small chicken coop and the size depends on home many… Read more »

Chicken Coop Designs – Building a Chicken Coop

Raising chickens is fun for the whole family. Kids especially love collecting fresh eggs. If you have decided to get some chickens for eggs, or friends, one of the first things you need to do is build a chicken coop.  Chicken coop designs are basically easy to design.  Chickens are easy to take care of and have the very basic needs of… Read more »