Buying Chickens Based on Weather

For those that are in the stages of planning for their chicken coop, they are going to find that the type of chicken that they choose is something that they are going to spend a lot of time on finding. They want a chicken that is going to produce the type of eggs that they want, be something that is going to allow them to have the best tasting chicken that they can find.

However, there is one thing that the person needs to take into consideration when they are choosing their chickens that can mean the failure or the success of their chicken coop. And this is just what type of weather that the chicken is going to be meant for. Having chickens in the type of weather that they are not meant for will only mean that you are not getting the production out of the chicken that you wanted, and this will be a huge disappointment for you.

For those that are located in colder weather, they are going to find that they need a heartier chicken that is going to be able to withstand these temperatures. These breeds are those that are less affected when there is a frost on the ground and they still thrive to produce great eggs and meat. A few examples of cold weather birds are the Plymouth Rocks, Sussexes, Orpingtons, and Langshans. The person will find that the feathers on these birds are a bit thicker to protect them from freezing cold temperatures.

For those that are located in warmer weather throughout the year, they are going to find that they will need a bird that is going to withstand the hotter temperatures. Those birds that are designated as winter birds are not going to do as well since they will get too hot, which is almost as bad as getting too cold. Some examples of hot weather chickens are the Light Brown Leghorns, White Leghorns and Golden Campines.

When choosing a bird, the person needs to take into consideration what their weather is like the majority of the year. For those that live in an area in which they are experiencing severe cold during the winter and hot summers, then they are going to want to choose a bird that is going to thrive in both, which does narrow down the list as to what they can choose. It takes time and a little homework to find the perfect bird, but in doing so the person is ensuring that they have success with their chicken coop.