Dumbbell Flyes – You Don’t Need A Gym

You might have been told that dumbbell flyes can only be attempted in a gym. Well, I have news for you! You don’t have to do it in a gym. You can perform this incredible chest workout from the comfort of your own home.

The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you do it with correct form. But hey, that’s what I’m here for. I will show you everything step by step, as always. If you are still stumped after looking at the pictures and the instructions, you can always contact me.

Let’s Perform Dumbbell Flyes Now!

For this exercise, you will need an exercise mat and some hand weights.

  • Lie back on a mat. Grasp your weights and straighten your arms such that your elbows and shoulders form a straight line.
  • Raise your arms such that your fists are pointing towards the ceiling and your elbows are slightly off the floor.

This is your starting position. Please keep in mind that your elbows should not be resting on the floor but instead should be floating just off the surface.

  • Slowly raise your arms, such that they meet directly above your head.

You should straighten your arms, but not completely. Keep your elbows slightly bent.

  • Slowly bring your arms down again.

Remember to keep your elbows slightly above the floor. Never let your elbows rest on the floor as it will make the workout less effective.

  • Repeat this entire process another 8 more times.

Little Pointers That You Should Keep In Mind

  • Be sure to use a set of weights that you are able to handle.

Do not over do it as you might lose your grip on the weight and this will cause injuries. Remember, if you are worried of not working your muscles enough, you can use a lighter weight and then complete more repetitions.

  • Do not completely straighten your hands.

Avoid straightening your hands completely as this will hurt your joints. When you are bringing your hands together, keep your elbows slightly bent.

  • Make sure your back is flat on the floor.

Please do not arch your back, especially if you are not able to complete the repetition. Arching your back will cause unnecessary strain on your spine and later lead to back problems.

  • Keep your movements steady and coordinated.

Take care to ensure that your hands are moving together. Do not raise your left hand higher than the right. Move your arms slowly and in a synchronized manner.

Furthermore, moving too quickly might lead to muscle aches and tension. So be calm and focus on your motions.

Let’s Up The Difficulty of Dumbbell Flyes

  • Increase the amount of weights that you are using.

If you are using weights, use a heavier one. If you are using a household item as a form of weight, try using something that is heavier.

A gentle reminder, please do not increase your weights by too much too quickly. Make gradual increases to prevent injuries. As your strength increases, you can try to make workouts even harder.

  • Hold the end position for several seconds before returning to the starting position.

To increase the impact of the workout on your chest and arm muscles, hold the end position (when you bring your hands together) for several seconds.

The duration where you hold the position is determined entirely by you, and by how much you want to challenge yourself. Again, do not expect so much from yourself if this is your first time trying this exercise.

Final Words

So I’ve showed you that dumbbell flyes does not have to be done in a gym, you can do it at home! Exercise is really simple. It is just unfortunate that so many people, books and magazines make it seem so challenging and complicated.

If you have not been working that chest, now is the time to do so! Try this exercise and you should feel a difference after maybe three repetitions! Trust me, it is that good.

One great workout for the chest is the dumbbell flyes. You might think that it can only be done in a gym, but that’s FALSE.