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Building Chicken Coops

Chickens are some of the easiest animals to care for. They are an affordable pet that provides very low upkeep to take care of. The benefits of keeping chickens as pets is that families can have delicious and tasty eggs for breakfast every day. When keeping chickens a person will need a chicken coop for the chicken to call their… Read more »

Chicken Coop Predators

Chicken coop predators are they able to get in your chicken coop? Chicken coop predators can literally destroy your flock overnight. Protecting your chickens is one of the main jobs your chicken coop has to perform—day and night. Here are some of the most common predators that you have to guard against. Fox “The fox in the hen house” is more than just… Read more »

Basics of Raising Chickens – Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of our series on the Basics of Raising Chickens. When you are trying to learn how to raise chickens, you need as much information as possible. In this section, we look at watering your birds as well as protecting them from predators. Unlike most other animals, a chicken has virtually no defenses other than running away. This… Read more »

Basics of Raising Chickens – Part One

There are many benefits to raising chickens. If you raise laying hens, you can have fresh eggs year round. If you raise other types of chickens you can have safer, chemical-free meat. And the best news is raising your own chickens is fun and easy. Now, it is true you can run into problems when you raise your own chickens. Disease,… Read more »

Raising Chickens During The Winter

Alright, some of you are going into the Winter season soon so here are some tips for raising chicken during the winter. Chickens need some special care in the winter if you live in a cold climate.  They need to be kept warm – especially if you want eggs.  The main idea of having chickens right? The wind blows like… Read more »

Inside Chicken Coops

Raising chickens is a decision I don’t think you will ever regret. I can’t lie to you. They are work but very enjoyable work. You will become more self-sufficient; have fresh organic eggs, a natural disposal for your kitchen scraps and an endless supply of fertilizer! The Chicken Coop Let’s talk about building a chicken coop. The first thing to… Read more »

The Daily Schedule for Chicken Coops

Once you have your chicken coop up and running with chickens on the inside, then you are going to find that the daily chores for these chickens are just beginning. Most people do not realize just how much work that these chickens are going to be, but if they are ready to handle it they will find that the benefits… Read more »