Raising Chickens During The Winter

Alright, some of you are going into the Winter season soon so here are some tips for raising chicken during the winter.

Chickens need some special care in the winter if you live in a cold climate.  They need to be kept warm – especially if you want eggs.  The main idea of having chickens right?

The wind blows like crazy here in the winter so we insulate our coop – covering the insulation so they can’t pick at it.  We make sure all the nooks and crannies are filled with something that will keep the wind and cold out.

Don’t forget the roof.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have water dripping into your living room every time it rained?  It wouldn’t be any different for the chickens except it gets to be a slimy, stinky mess!

A good sturdy door is a must.  Once the chickens go to roost shut the door.  Their shared body heat will keep them comfortable.  Kind of like cuddling with that loved one!  In extremely cold climates, a medium watt light bulb left on at night also helps but it is usually not necessary.

Outside waterers should be emptied after you shut the chickens up.  It will protect them from freezing and breaking.  They need to be filled with fresh, warm water each morning anyway.  Inside waterers should be emptied when you let them out in the mornings and replaced with fresh, warm water.

I like to set the feeders inside the coop if snow is expected.  Lay crumbles and pellets get clumpy if they get wet.  That leads to a lot of waste.

A little extra grain tossed on the ground isn’t a bad idea.  They need the extra nutrition in the winter, plus chickens love to scratch.  If the weather is really nasty, I sprinkle a little in the coop.

With some planning you shouldn’t have any trouble raising chickens in areas with cold winters.  Another tip – before purchasing your chicks, ask which breeds do better in cold climates.

And remember, have fun and enjoy those fresh eggs…