Chicken Coop Predators

Chicken coop predators are they able to get in your chicken coop?

Chicken coop predators can literally destroy your flock overnight. Protecting your chickens is one of the main jobs your chicken coop has to perform—day and night. Here are some of the most common predators that you have to guard against.


“The fox in the hen house” is more than just an old saying. Foxes love to get into chicken coops. Generally, a fox will hunt at night, but they have been known to attack during the day on occasion.

The fox will not only kill your chickens but will also do its best to get at any eggs it finds. The best protection against the fox is a secure chicken coop with wire mesh over all of the windows, vents and outside run area.


In some places, coyotes are a big problem. They like to hunt at night but will also hunt during daylight if the weather is cool or cold.

Coyotes can be strong and determined. In order to protect against them you must use sturdy wire mesh and solid gates they cannot push open or jump over.


Many areas have skunks. A skunk will normally avoid attacking bigger chickens but will do its best to carry off chicks. Skunks can climb well, so make sure you cover all possible openings, even those above ground.


A hawk can swoop down from the sky and carry off a chicken in no time at all. These are meat-eating birds, and they are very strong. Their hooked claws can easily penetrate the flesh of a chicken and hold it tight for several minutes as it makes its get away.

The only way to protect your flock from hawks is to install a netted roof over the chicken run area.


Raccoons are very common and very troublesome for many chicken owners. They love chicken and chicken eggs, and they will do whatever they can to get at them. Raccoons are also fairly smart, so do not underestimate them.

In order to protect your flock, make sure you have solid gates and doorways and good quality wire fencing. Remember, raccoons can climb, so you may need to install a netting roof as well to keep them from climbing up and over your wire fence.


Snakes will normally try to get at the eggs and not the birds. The only way to keep snakes out of your chicken coop or hen house is to make sure you seal up all openings. An opening of just one inch is enough space for a snake to enter. Building your chicken coop or hen house off the ground will also help.

You do not have to be a victim of chicken coop predators. Applying a few extra security measures will go a long way in protecting your flock and their eggs. If you are not sure on a design of a chicken coop be sure to check out our chicken coop plans