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Milk consumption and acne

More than 85% adults who are between 20-29 years of age in the United States are suffering from acne vulgaris which is a skin disease. This has evolved into an epidemic with 50.9% women and 42.5% men being affected by it. A finding has revealed that this disease is absent among people from Okhinawa, Inuit and Kitavan who do not… Read more »

Bad acne general information

Understanding the root cause of a problem is the best way to treat it. Bad acne starts just under the skin, in the hair follicle pores. There are many myths out there suggesting that acne is caused by eating chocolate, greasy food, and some that even suggest masturbation leads to acne. You can discount all these myths right now because there is… Read more »

Acne redness treatment options

If you’re dealing with a lot of acne, you may be noticing a lot of redness or inflamed areas. Acne redness happens because the area of skin where acne is occurring becomes inflamed. The area of skin may be either irritated or scarred. The redness caused by acne may be unsightly sometimes and very irritating because of that reason. People… Read more »

Healing acne tips

People look for a lot of advice when it comes to healing acne. It’s also easy to get lost when it comes to getting advice about it as well. Everyone has their opinion about what works and what doesn’t. One expert says treatment A is best while another considers treatment B to be the best when looking to heal acne…. Read more »

How to prevent really bad acne

You’re probably wondering what steps you can take to prevent really bad acne from spreading, and you’re lucky because we’re going to provide you with a few steps you can take to make sure your acne stays under control.  We do have to warn you that your acne will not stay away on its own after you get rid of it once. If… Read more »

The most common bad acne scars

Unlike scars that originate from an external cut, bad acne scars originate in the layer of the dermis. Because of that, bad acne scars are the result of a wound healing in our skin, not on top of our skin. This leads to an excess amount of collagen accumulating in a particular spot causing a unique type of scar. Bad acne scars are bound… Read more »