I am overweight, please help

Question: I am severely overweight. I weigh about 200 pounds and I really hate the extra pounds. I read your site and I now know that there is no hard and fast rule to losing weight but I want to know what can I do to start my journey in weight loss.

I love myself but I know that I would feel so much better if I managed to shed a few pounds from my body. I told myself that I would start from August and that I will slowly make changes to my life.

I hope you can show me where to start. I can tell that your site is new but I’m happy to have seen it because all the information is honest. You tell me what I need to know, not what I want to know. This can help me and other readers who are trying to improve their lifestyles.

I look forward to hearing your advice for my situation. Thank you once again.


It’s really great that you are thinking about doing something positive for yourself!

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you have been quite active recently before you can start exercise. If you have not really been doing anything that is considered “physical”, I strongly suggest that you visit your doctor and get some advice first.

Once you have been given the all-clear from your doctor, you can start with light exercises. This might sound weird, but you can start by standing up and clapping while watching your favourite television programmes.

I am not kidding about standing up and clapping. There was a documentary about this woman was severely overweight and did the exact same thing! She lost a lot of weight in the months that followed. Of course, she made sure that she had a balanced diet.

Remember not to overexert yourself. Take it slow.

If you notice that you are able to stand and clap for longer periods of time, take it one step further. Go for a walk with a friend, a neighbour or even your dog. Again, don’t push yourself too far. Small steps is key.

Asides from exercise, you can take note of what you eat, and whether you can make positive changes to that as well.

Often, we tend to eat too much of a certain food group. For me, I have a soft spot for chocolate bars. I used to have too much of it last time. Look at what you eat, or maybe keep a food diary. Is there anything you think you should not be taking so much of?

Minimize the amount of that food group slowly. Don’t go cold turkey. It won’t work.

If you love to drink fizzy drinks, and have 3 cans a day. Maybe slowly decrease to only 2 cans a day. Try to maintain that for a week. The next week, try to lower it even further to 1 can. You see my point?

Small positive changes make a healthy lifestyle easier to cope with. The reason why many people fail to keep up with exercising or proper meals is because they expect too much, too quickly.

I’m glad you realize that there is no hard and fast rule to weight loss. I’m also very grateful that you like my site.

Best of luck!

P/S. Once you’re comfortable with walking and doing slightly more strenuous activities, you can progress to other aerobic exercises!