Fitness Myths

Fitness myths are everywhere. There might be one or two myths listed here that you previously believed in, but hopefully after reading this page, you will walk away with more knowledge about your health and fitness.

You Can Get Fit Overnight

The ugliest of all fitness myths: overnight fitness solutions.

This myth takes the cake! It is the biggest lie circulating around and many folks have gotten disappointed.

I do not know whether you were affected by such Get-Fit-Overnight solutions, but I’m here to tell you that fitness is not immediate.

No problems go away that quickly. You do not solve acne overnight, you do not lose weight overnight, you don’t recover from illnesses overnight.. My point is, if someone promotes a product or a solution that claims to work in an extremely short period of time, he or she is out to get a quick buck.

Yes, this is not easy to hear. I mean, we all want quick solutions, don’t we? But we have to understand that it just doesn’t work that way. If it does, everyone would be rich because get-rich-quick schemes work and everyone would be fit thanks to some miracle fitness program.

Hard work is your solution. Putting in effort is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Hard work, determination and motivation is a sure recipe for your success.

Remember, it is easy to exercise! To be fit does not mean that you have to scale Mount Everest! It just takes a bit of your time, which will be your greatest investment.

I have debunked one of the greatest fitness myths around! I hope you will always keep this in mind.

I Can Eat Whatever I Want ‘Cause I Exercise

This is probably one of the biggest fitness myths around. If you do workout, it does not mean that you can eat anything you want without any consequences.

The law of the human body is simple. If you eat more than what you burn every day, you are going to put on weight.

Therefore, if you wish you eat tubs of ice-cream, have lots of oily food in your diet, but you are only willing to exercise for 10 minutes a day, you’re well on your way to gaining excess pounds and even diseases.

I do know of friends who simply choose to run every day without fail because they simply love to eat. They’re probably the first ones to queue for a buffet if there was an offer at a nice restaurant!

Also, the average household now has more unhealthy food in their diet as compared to humans a few decades ago. You need to pay attention to what you eat because all the fatty and oily food you’re eating can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke and other illnesses.

If I Exercise, I Will Definitely Lose Weight

Yes and no.

Yes, exercising has many benefits, one of which is weight loss, which is the dream of many people. But sometimes, you might have gotten the impression that if you exercise, you will lose weight.

Well, not really. You need to devote quite a bit of time every day if you want to burn those excess pounds. Just because you started walking fifteen minutes a day doesn’t mean you will drop a pant size by next week.

So how much is enough to blast that stubborn fat? A good one and a half hours a day, at least three times a week.

Now, before you throw in the towel, remember that you can break it up into smaller sections, say, 30 minutes of walking in the morning, walk your dog for another 30 minutes in the afternoon and maybe a light game of tennis in the evening.

Working out in blocks is just as effective or even more effective. You are less likely to push yourself to meet the 90 minute requirement.

This is why it is so important to keep your exercises varied, so that you will remain motivated to exercise. You can get aerobic fitness tapes from Amazon that will allow you to walk and dance in the privacy of your own living room.

The reason why so many people don’t achieve weight loss is because they don’t enjoy it. You cannot simply want to achieve weight loss. You need to enjoy exercising, and weight loss will just come naturally!

I Can Tone Just One Area Of Your Body

This is another one of the largest fitness myths around. It is probably the reason why people believe in exercise equipment gimmicks, that supposedly help to train your abs.

You cannot simply tone one area, say your arms, without exercising the rest of your muscles. Believing in this is a fatal mistake.

Too often, have people bought products off the shelves thinking that they can lose their arm flab, or tone just their stomach without working the rest of their body. They end up feeling disappointed.

Suppose you are unhappy with how your thighs look rather big and you want to slim down your thighs. The only way you can do that is by doing lots of regular exercise that burns fat in your entire body.

Then, and only then, will you be able to achieve more slender thighs. No matter what you see or hear, be it on TV or from a friend, there is no way you can make just one area of your body look more toned than the rest.

When someone tries to convince you otherwise, ask them if they have ever seen a man with a double chin sporting a six-pack abdominals. If they tell you they have, it is an outright lie.

Another one (of the many) fitness myths exposed!

Feeling Pain Means That It Was Effective

There was a period of time when my Physical Education teacher kept saying:

Pain is your friend.

I guess he got that from some movie or show, but to be honest, pain is not always a good thing. This is another one of the most popular fitness myths going around.

Yes, it is normal to feel a little strain from time to time. You might choose to do a few more reps perhaps, and feel the muscles really working. This is fine!

But if doing a few repetitions start to hurt, and you have been working out for at least two weeks, something is very wrong. You could be doing the workout wrongly or you have an injury that you are not aware of.

Next time you’re working out, take note of the little (or big) signs your body gives you. No one knows your body better than yourself.

Exercise Helps You To Sleep

This is one the fitness myths that is both true and false.

While exercise can help you fall asleep better by helping to regulate your internal biological clock, doing so too close to bedtime actually makes you more alert.

Next time you’re lying awake on your bed, instead of telling yourself to do some squat thrusts, go to the kitchen and get yourself some cookies and milk.

Those will help you get to sleep.

Final Words

Some of the fitness myths that I have debunked here might not be pleasant. After all, it’s easier to hear something that you want to hear, regardless of whether it is the truth or not.

But I feel that it is best that you know the truth, so that you will not be disappointed. Knowledge is power. Having the right information can give you the strength and motivation to exercise well.

After all, believing in myths is counterproductive to your fitness goals and aims. You need to know the truth so that you will not make any future mistakes!

Stay strong and persevere. You will succeed.