Can push ups help remove fats from my arm?

Question: I was wondering if I could simply do muscle toning exercise like push ups to remove the fat from my arms? Similarly, can I do squats to remove fat from my leg?

How else can I go about removing the fat in these two problematic areas of mine? I hope you can help me as I will be greatly thankful.


I have to be very honest with you. Doing muscle toning exercises like push ups will not help remove the fat from your arms.

These exercises help to strengthen your muscles, and therefore enable you to have a better muscular endurance, which means that you can work harder for a longer period of time. However, you cannot remove the fat from doing this alone.

Removing excess fat from your body requires you to eat sensibly and engage yourself in aerobics exercises. You can take a look at examples of aerobic exercises to get an idea of different things you can do.

Eating sensibly is actually much simpler than you think and it does not mean starving yourself. What you need to do is make sure you have loads of protein in your diet. Besides that, make sure to have a lot of fibre to help digestion. Carbohydrate is also important to ensure that you have sufficient energy.

Remember to stay away from sweet drinks and other foods that have high sugar content. Sugar is the one main culprit of weight gain. Studies have shown that if you minimize the amount of sugar intake per day, you can lose almost 10 pounds per year!

While this does mean that you should cut down on your sugar intake, do not do so suddenly. Quitting cold turkey will make you frustrated and you will not be able to stay motivated to keep it up.

Start slow and don’t burn out.

Right now, the best thing for you to do is start looking at your diet, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. I see no reason why you cannot fail in losing weight.

It might be slow at first, but take some time and eventually you will see results and that will be a wonderful feeling!