Coconut use in health promotion and disease prevention

Coconut is considered to be an important tree providing food to millions living all over the world. For the past many years, products offered by the coconut tree such as oil, cream, copra and its water have been useful in disease prevention and health promotion. The utility of the coconut tree does not end with its ability of disease prevention as it can also be used in the development of industrial products such as making ropes, mats, brushes, sacks, as a charcoal source and for building bridges.

The coconut tree is cultivated for multiple uses, the foremost in them being for the coconut nutritional and medicinal values. It helps in disease prevention because it has curative properties in it which are antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antidermatophytic, antiparasitic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic and immunostimulant in nature. Products such as coconut kernel and water include many nutrients and microminerals such as thiamin, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, iron, potassium, selenium and manganese which help in health promotion. Coconut nutritional and medicinal values do not end there rather their ability to cure diseases depends on the level of maturity of the coconut.

Different products of the coconut tree serve different purposes. The dried coconut kernel is called the copra and is used extensively to make chutney, toffee and curry. It serves as a relishing food component and helps a lot in health promotion as it is an extremely healthy food item to consume. Another very popular product of the coconut is its water which is considered to be a natural soft drink which not only manages to refresh a person but is also very healthy to drink. Coconuts are also considered to be a source for providing instant energy. This is because coconut oil makes up 35%-40% of the copra which mainly consists of saturated fatty acids.

Coconut’s nutritional and medicinal values are what are increasing the plantations of its trees all over the world. Coconut trees are also very beneficial for the environment as they can co-exist with different plants and also ensure the fertility of the soil. It is because of these multiple benefits provided by the coconut trees that people are growing them extensively all over the world.