Cheese Omelette – Cheesy Goodness!

Cheese omelette simply goes to show that you can have eggs with so many different ingredients to spice things up. Combining with ingredients like tomatoes give a nice touch of zest, while adding spice adds greater aroma on top of a great taste!

Now, when you add cheese, it adds another whole dimension. There are various forms of cheese, like mozzarella, which is my favourite. There is also blue cheese, cheddar, and so on. Each type of cheese is unique because it has a different texture and flavour to them.

However, cheese also has a great deal of health benefits that you can enjoy when you add them to your diet or to your omelette!

Benefits Of Cheese

Cheese contains a great deal of calcium and this is a vital nutrient for your bodies. Young or old, we depend on calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth. A lack of calcium means brittle and weak bones, leading to osteoporosis.

Do not be lulled into thinking that osteoporosis is an illness that takes adult. It is an illness that does not discriminate age. Anyone who has a lack of calcium in their diet can suffer from it.

Therefore, it is important to have a diet rich in calcium and to exercise regularly. Studies have shown that you need to exercise and wear down your bones before your body learns to absorb the calcium from your diet to strengthen them.

This means that you can eat a meal that contains high levels of calcium but if you do not lead a moderately active lifestyle, most of it is probably expelled through secretion of body wastes.

Cheese Omelette Recipe


  • 3 eggs, washed
  • Half a cup of your favourite cheese (I’d choose mozzarella, of course)
  • Butter, softened
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil


Heat up the olive oil. Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a bit of salt and pepper and give it a good whisk for about a minute or two.

When the oil is hot, carefully pour the egg mixture.

This part gets a bit complicated. As your egg cooks and solidifies, use a ladle and push the solid parts to the centre. Tilt your pan such that the runny parts get cooked.

Continue pushing the cooked parts to the centre of your pan. Pretty soon, you will have a mountain in the centre of your pan.

Generously sprinkle cheese all over the top part of the omelette. It is okay if it still seems runny, it will cook cause of the heat.

Slowly shake your pan and slide the omelette onto a pan. You can fold the omelette such that the cheese is in the centre, or eat it as it is.

Leave for three minutes to ensure the eggs get cooked and the cheese completely melts before serving.

Final Words

If you intend to fold it into two, you will need to use a larger pan such that your omelette is thinner, and therefore easier to fold.

You can also be adventurous and add vegetables if you like! I’ve only tried adding a handful of diced tomatoes, but if you had success with something else, do let me know!