Raising Araucana Chickens

Raising Araucana chickens is easy. This breed is one of the friendliest around and is often the best choice for children who wish to raise chickens. The Araucana also has a fascinating history rooted in Chile. The fact that they lay blue eggs only endears them more to the youngest of growers and the young at heart. Some experts believe that the… Read more »

Raising Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Red Raising Rhode Island Red chickens is popular for two main reasons: they provide excellent meat and eggs and they can also be raised for show. Because Rhode Island Red chickens are so hardy and useful, they make a great choice for those wishing to raise chickens in their backyards. Raising Rhode Island Red chickens is also a good choice… Read more »

Raising Brahma Chickens

The Brahma Chicken Is Here To Stay The Brahma chicken is known in many countries of the world to be both ornamental and good for egg and meat production. Its disposition also makes it a star, since it is friendly and non-aggressive enough for family barnyards and calm enough to do well at shows and fairs. When Brahmas were first… Read more »

Raising Booted Bantam Chickens

Anyone who admires barnyard fowl will love the Booted Bantam chicken. Also called the Dutch Booted Bantam, this fantastically feathered and colored bird is also friendly, calm, and happy in any safe and suitable environment. This breed is a true bantam, which means that it is not a miniature version of a larger breed, as many bantams are. Some say… Read more »

Raising Ancona Chickens

The Ancona Chicken is a Mediterranean class of chicken that originated from the city of Ancona which is situated along the coast of Italy. The Ancona breed of chicken was first introduced to Britain in the late 1800s and soon after to the United States. Anconas are a close relation to the Leghorn Breed and when they were first introduced to North… Read more »

Raising Asil Chickens

Should you consider the Asil chicken as a candidate for a new pet? Unless you have lived on a farm all your life, you may think it is odd to want to have chickens as pets. However; for those that have the room to keep them and are looking for something a little off the mark, a chicken may not… Read more »

Raising Buttercup Chickens

Beautiful And Interesting – The Buttercup Chicken The buttercup chicken, originally developed in Sicily in the 1800’s, is also known as the Sicilian Buttercup. According to records, one pair was imported to the US in the latter part of that century and today’s stock flourishes as descendants of that same coupling. The breed is rare, beautiful, worthy of exhibition, a consistent layer… Read more »