Tomato Plant Disease

To a whole range of unpleasant little diseases, your tomato plants can be quite vulnerable.

And unfortunately, fungus-based and pretty lethal are many tomato plant disease.

If you can however take some action quickly by identifying diseases early, you can save your plants.

At the very least you may prevent spreading to any other plants you have, the diseases.

Take a look at some of the common diseases most prevalent, and some suggestions how best to halt them

1. Bacterial Speck Bacterial Spot

It is during moist or wet weather this highly contagious disease strikes most commonly, when the plant is not kept dry and ventilated properly.

Control can be quite difficult, so be certain not to move the contaminated spot around as it is so contagious.

You will recognize it when on the fruit or leaves you see dark, raised spots.

2. Late Blight

A feared disease among tomato enthusiasts is the dreaded late Blight.

Dark brown or white patches begin to show on an infected plant’s leaves, and in the center often, concentric circles will appear.

Especially in mist weather, these patches can expand quickly.

It takes the form of large, raised lesions, when it spreads to the fruits, which to your crop can be devastating.

3. Powdery Mildew

Even though it is in the damp and wet weather that most tomato plant diseases strike, during hot periods some will appear.

One of these is Powdery Mildew, only when the plant has been experiencing too much heat and sun, and with inadequate nutrition or water, appearing.

It is white powdery patches on the fruits and leaves appearing, as the name implies.

4. Botrytis

The fruit of your plant is attacked by this disease.

It appears as a fluffy, soft, and gray mold, which around faint white spots all over the plant can also spread.

It strikes especially when a fruit or plant is damaged, and it appears during wet weather.

I’m afraid that the only solution is to remove the plant and destroy it.

5. Tomato Spotted Wilt

Tomato Spotted Wilt is one of the most common tomato diseases.

Through two different appearances on the fruit and leaves, you can identify it.

While the leaves of the plant stiffen and show dark purple spots, tomatoes will flower yellow rings or spots.

To the stem of the plant this disease can spread, causing lumps to be raised.

6. Curly Top Virus

The Curly Top Virus can be brought to tomato plants by insects leaping from one plant to another.

To young plants, it is especially damaging.

Throughout the plant, leaves will stiffen, and at the top of the plant leaves will become discolored and curl, very often turning purple.

7. Root Rot

It is when the roots of your tomato plant are overwhelmed with fungi that Root Rot happens, and it is typically inadequate soil drainage which causes it.

A disease throughout the entire plant will then most likely spread.

To tomato plants, most of these diseases are very lethal.

Once they have appeared, they can be hard to control.

Prevention, and good ventilation are the best cures, and adequate watering and nutrition will make a huge difference!