Growing Tomatoes Indoors Tips

Growing tomatoes indoors you will very rewarding, especially during the cold season. When the summer ends most of us are a little bit sad, because we will miss the sun, the warmth and especially the glorious and unique taste of home-grown tomatoes. So rather than buying chemical sprayed tomatoes from store, choose a better option: grow tomatoes indoors, at home.

Where to Grow Them

The first thing you need to decide upon is where to grow your tomatoes. A heated garage, a basement or a corner in a large room might be a good choice. A table can be even a better choice, because it will give you access to the plants without having to bend over.

Things to Consider

You need to consider the right temperature and the optimum amount of light in order to successfully learn how to grow tomatoes indoors. The best choice is to purchase a grow light, which can be found at any home improvement store. A basic setup won’t cost you more than $25.

The temperature is extremely important, therefore choose a heated basement or garage as a location for your tomatoes. The ideal temperature is 70 during the day and 60 during the night.

Another important thing to consider when growing tomatoes indoors is the seeds. If you are a beginner, look for tomato seeds that say container or patio in their description, because they are smaller and easier to contain. To germinate them, use a peat pot. Put around three seeds in each pot and wet them at least once per day.

An important part of the growing process in the period of time the grow lights must be turned on. This period can vary from 10 to 14 hours a day. If you want to ease this task, an inexpensive timer could prove extremely useful. Place the light an inch from the top of each plant.

Growing tomatoes indoors, especially in the winter, can become a very fun project for your children, capturing their attention and giving you more time for other important things you need to do.