Plan ahead, buy seeds early for a successful garden

Buy Early – Buying your vegetable seeds early in the year ensures you get fresh seeds, and the correct variety and color you want.

A cold snowy day in February is a good time to plan and order your seeds.  In order to get a good selection I suggest ordering online or from a seed catalog. You might find what you want at your local hardware store, but your choices are limited, and you’ll end up wasting a lot of time driving around. Plan ahead and order your seeds early, you’ll have them ready when it’s time to plant.

Order from large seed companies. Their vegetable and flower seed catalogs have great pictures, and a lot of helpful information.  They are also packed when ordered so they are fresher and haven’t been exposed to extreme temperatures.

Stick with proven varieties that are the right size for your garden, and do well in your climate.

Read planting instructions and look for specials. Also check for any product guarantees.

It’s never to early to plan,  it might help chase away the winter blues.