Improve Soil With Recycled Leaves

Don’t throw out your leaves turn them into organic vegetables. Leaves and grass clippings are free source of fertilizer and mulch. Collect your neighbors leaves and you’ll have an ample supply of free mulch and trash bags.






The best leaves are the ones that are shredded or chopped up with a lawnmower. I’ll work these chopped and shredded leaves into the soil in the fall.


Prepare planting areas in the fall and then pile leaves around them. By preparing the soil in the fall you’re able to plant as soon as the weather warms up in the spring.




These leaves will totally breakdown in 10 – 12 months. The whole garden is a compost pile. When I need some compost or soil amendments I just pullback some leaves and remove top two or 3 inches of compost easily using a garden hoe.