Chest Exercise – It’s Not Just For The Men!

Yes, chest exercise is not just for gentlemen, but also for genteel women! (smiles)

The greatest myth going around is that, women should not train their chest muscles because it was a male workout. To be completely honest, women should train their chest too! As I have mentioned before, no part of your body is more or less important.

I’ve actually wondered why this myth exists, and the best answer I have gotten is, they are afraid of looking like female bodybuilders.

I am not putting down female bodybuilders. I think that they are admirable for taking part in a sport that was previously dominated by only men.

Bodybuilders in general have to lose a lot of body fat, before their competitions. Female bodybuilders sport chests that look rather manly because the breasts comprise of substantial amount of fatty tissue.

Therefore, when they burn fat, their chests seem flat, almost manly, in severe cases. This is of course reversible, and they look fine after competition seasons.

Unfortunately, this sparked off the infamous myth I’ve talked about previously. A friend of mine said that she won’t do a single chest exercise for fear of looking like a man.

But now that I have debunked that myth, I’m sure you feel much better!

What Are Some Chest Exercises You Can Do?

  • Diamond push ups
  • Dumbbell flyes
  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Push ups

These are some great workouts that you can get started on! As always, if you want to see more, or you have a workout to suggest, drop me a mail!

Reasons Why You Should Not Skip These Workouts

Having a nice chest will obviously make you look good not only in swimwear, but in everyday clothes too!

More importantly, the chest muscles, together with the abdominals help protect the vital organs like the heart and lungs from damage. What better way to protect our internal systems then with strong muscles?

Also, having strong muscles in your entire body helps speed up your fat burning process. I have mentioned this quite often – muscles are the best solution for burning fat, IF you take care of your diet.

If You Have Injuries, Get The All-Clear Signal First

As with any other workouts, if you have had injuries or you simply feel worried that you might not be able to handle the exertion from the chest exercise that I have mentioned above, please seek professional advice from your doctor.

He or she can better take a look at you and determine whether you can begin this workout routine.

Nevertheless, if you are confident, please start out slow, especially if you have been neglecting to exercise for quite some time.

Final Words

Yes, working out is a great thing. Makes you fit, look good and you might even make friends when you visit your nearby gym or when you invite your neighbours for a walk.

All in all, I think you should not neglect your chest. I’m appealing to all female readers especially. Give these workouts a shot! You will realize how great it feels to work out, you look better, and you help disprove a common myth!

Exercise is fun! You can do it. Never give up. Remember, fitness is not an overnight miracle, no matter what people tell you. You need to put in effort and commit to it. Only then will you see results.