Raising Roosters and Chickens at Home

Roosters and hens are one of the undemanding farm animals to have at home, and with the recent scares about food contaminations and shooting gas prices, many people have begun to grow their own fruits and vegetables as well as poultry.

A large number of people now keep chicken in their backyards as a source of fresh healthy eggs and meat. You yourself must have heard of such people before becoming interested in this yourself. Chickens are one of the most amiable farm animals to manage.

However, there are quite a few parasites and diseases they can be ill with from. To avoid these, you just need to take good care of them, which is not a tough task if you think about it. Having chicken and roosters in your backyard will get you plenty of fresh eggs, meat and fertilizer, and they will also keep the yard insect-free.

Thus the greatest benefit of having chickens is that they are easy to care for. They are effortlessly pleased, as they will get comfortable in anyplace and hence make great pets that remain quite self-sufficient.

If you want to maximize egg production, then you will have to ensure that they feel safe. You can do this by building a chicken coop for them which provides them with shelter and protection and you are good to go.

The main purpose for a rooster is that they provide a social structure to the flock. When there is a rooster among the hens, he will ensure that all the hens will keep laying eggs. If this does not happen then one of the hens might stop laying eggs to assume the role if the rooster.

Additionally, roosters give protection to the flock against predators and also extreme weather conditions. They also have colorful personalities, but while you may enjoy the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning, your neighbors may feel quite the opposite way.

Many people are under the impression that one the hen stops laying eggs, she must be gotten rid of. This is untrue. However, many people keep the chickens not only for the eggs but for meat as well.

But if you’re keeping chickens as pets, then it doesn’t make so much of a difference if they are unable to provide you with breakfast. They will still continue to fertilize your lawn and keep it insect-free.