Raising Asil Chickens

Should you consider the Asil chicken as a candidate for a new pet? Unless you have lived on a farm all your life, you may think it is odd to want to have chickens as pets. However; for those that have the room to keep them and are looking for something a little off the mark, a chicken may not be a bad idea.

The Asil chicken breed has been drawn and written about so far back as 1500 BC. It has originated from the countries of India and Pakistan. Although some chefs have ways to make some tasty food combinations of these chickens, they really are not meant to be eaten.

Although they are larger then traditional birds, they are also leaner and very well-muscled. They were mainly bred because of their tendencies to fight with little provocation. Today, we now know that this is a cruel use for these affectionate little guys.

Two male chickens, or cocks, should not be penned together. A group of hens can live together and sometimes a cock can be added to the mix.

If you need to introduction a new bird to the group, you need to allow time for natural posturing to see whether group of birds are compatible with each other. The fighting can be vicious and will lead to serious injury or death.

The young chicks should be watched as well. It is actually a good idea to separate them at a young age because of their tendency to fight. As with all animals, it is a good idea to find out their personalities because you cannot always go by one golden rule.

Just know that keeping a large group of these chickens together will probably lead to fighting.

What about these chickens makes them a decent pet? It would have to be their overwhelming affection and intelligence that sets them apart from the poultry breeds.

Their tendency for affection will make them seek out their owners for attention, much like a cat or dog. When they are happy with their surroundings, the owners will notice that happiness; making them a fun animal to have around. They are filled with unique personalities and are truly interactive.

If you are looking for a good egg layer, then you need to be looking at another breed of chicken. The Asil hen makes a poor egg layer. Ironically, they are excellent sitters.

So, the eggs they do lay will usually be healthy. The entire breed is known for the fact that they rarely become ill. Disease is common in most poultry breeds and this breed remains healthy under good to fair conditions.

It is up to you as to whether you choose the Asil chicken as a pet. They may not be a popular as a dog or a cat, but some people are finding them to be quite the family addition. It may be possible to have several around as pets and responsibly breed a few others to those that are looking for an unique little bundle of feathers.