Raising Araucana Chickens

The Araucana Chicken Breed was initially developed in South America, specifically in Chile in the early 1900s by a professor of animal science. The Breed was developed from birds kept by a native Chilean tribe, the Mapuche. Later in the 1930s the Araucana was introduced to the United Kingdom.

The unique traits of the Araucana chicken comes from cross breeding of the Collonca, a small single comb bird which lacks a tail and lays blue eggs, and a Quetero, which has a flowering tail, a pea comb and lays brown eggs.

When crossed with other breeds the Araucana offspring will lay blue eggs, this is where the development or the Ameraucana came from as the Araucana have a genetically lethal allele combination that results in the death of some chicks. The aim of developing the Ameraucana was to standardise the laying of a blue egg laying breed and to remove the genetic flaw.

Araucana Chicken Breed Facts


  • Standard, All Other Standard Breeds.
  • Bantam, All Other Combs, Clean Legged.


  • Standard Cock: 5 lb. (2.25 kg)
  • Standard Hen: 4 lb. (1.8 kg)
  • Bantam Cock: 26 oz. (740 g)
  • Bantam Hen: 24 oz. (680 g)

Comb, Wattles & Earlobes

  • Small pea comb; wattles are very small or absent; earlobes are very small and smooth and covered by an ear tuft. All are bright red.


  • Entirely absent; saddle feathers flow over rump.


  • Black. Black beak, shanks, and toes; brown eyes; standard black plumage.
  • Black-Breast Red. Horn beak; reddish bay eyes; grayish yellow shanks and toes. Male: Head, hackle, and saddle are reddish chestnut changing to gold at lower extremities. Front of neck and breast are lustrous black. Tail and wings are black with reddish bay highlights. Under colour is slate. Female: Head and hackle are reddish chestnut against cinnamon brown body. Tails and wings have some black. Under colour is slate to light cinnamon.
  • Blue. Standard blue plumage
  • Buff. Standard buff plumage.
  • Golden Duckwing. Horn beak; red eyes; willow shanks and toes. Standard golden duckwing plumage.
  • Silver. Standard silver plumage.
  • Silver Duckwing. Horn beak; red eyes; willow shanks and toes. Standard silver duckwing plumage.
  • White. Yellow beak, shanks, and toes; red eyes. Standard white plumage.

Place of Origin

  • Chile

Conservation Status

  • Study

Special Qualities

  • Lays blue to bluish green eggs. Has a lethal allele combination; some chicks die during incubation.